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MBA Program

The aim of the entrance tests is to evaluate, under stress, a candidate's general verbal, mathematical and analytical abilities critical for a career in management. The management entrance tests call for a superior command over the English language, quantitative prowess and a sharp, perceptive mind.

Since management courses are grounded in mathematical reasoning, the tests are designed to keep out those who are shaky with numbers. Importance of command over the English language is related to the factor of communication skills. Case studies have to be written, analyzed and the medium of instruction is English. The tests seek to locate candidates who have the ability for creative and logical reasoning, thereby revealing a decisive and perceptive mind.

The entrance tests are of the objective type with each question given with multiple answer choices. They are not in the nature of IQ tests devised by psychologists, but more in the nature of aptitude tests.

The entrance tests help to eliminate about three-fourths of the applicants. The candidates who qualify in the round of entrance tests are called for the final round of selection through group discussion and personal interview.

In the process of group discussions candidates' qualities of leadership, group interaction, level of self-assurance, as well as the quality of their contribution are assessed. Personality traits important for a career in management are under review all through the process of group discussion and are carried on to the personal interview. Interviews are usually short and each candidate has to utilize the opportunity to present his/ her best potential to the interview board.

The more reputed the institute/ university, the tougher is the selection process and better the work opportunities following the course.

Inputs from an MBA program: Management training equips students for problem solving through the

process of logical thinking so that they can evolve a framework for arriving at solutions to problems. Not only that, they learn how to give importance to details, how to handle pressure, how to work in a group through interpersonal relationships (the value of group work) and to work against deadlines.

Management program inform one all about the different types of business organizations; the areas involved in the running of a business; aspects of law, finance, taxation, risk evaluation, etc. Above all, they teach one how to keep an open mind and to listen to other people's ideas.

An MBA course gives emphasis to project work done individually and in groups so that students learn how to become organized, and to plan in practical terms rather than in theory. They develop analytical and problem-solving skills, become motivated and competitive. In fact, all the learning that goes on in the two-year period becomes so much a part of the thinking process of the students that they become well rounded in their personality.

Management program for technical/ engineering graduates are held at various places such as:

Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai: This entails a three-semester program in industrial management and admission through GATE (graduate aptitude test in engineering). IIT, Delhi. Management and systems of one and a half year duration open only to those with a first class BE.

IIT, Kanpur. M Tech. management engineering: One-and-a-half- years. Admission to engineering graduates through GATE.

IIT Kharagpur (Department of Industrial Engineering and Management) offers: M Tech. in industrial management, engineering and operations research, maintenance engineering and management, systems engineering and management. Eligibility: Bachelor of engineering/ technology.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Diploma course in industrial management: At least second class BE/B Tech. or M Sc. or Master's degree in economics / psychology / commerce with adequate background of mathematics. Industrial experience is desirable.

Footwear Design and Development Institute (Ministry of Commerce, Government of India), NOIDA (UP) conducts a one - year program in management in footwear technology for which eligibility is BE/ B.Tech. In mechanical engineering or graduate in leather technology with at least 50 per cent marks or M Sc. (physics or chemistry). Admission is through entrance examination followed by group discussion and interview.

Any and every type of management program admits students on the basis of an admission test, group discussion and/ or interview. The better the quality of training provided, the tougher the selection procedure.

The session usually commences from June/ July/ August. Accordingly the announcements of the program are made from the month of September onwards of the previous year. Admission tests are scheduled from December onwards and, in the case of certain universities, may even be held as late as April.

Aspirants for the MBA qualification should start preparing for the entrance examinations during their years of graduation so as to qualify for admission to the best institutes.

Exceptionally good command over English and thorough grounding in secondary school level of mathematics are essential for selection.

Placements/ Prospects:

. They are widely perceived to have skills honed for managing a business, and to bring in valuable insights. Today Indian companies have embraced buzzwords such as liberalization, globalization, and re-engineering with a vengeance. The corporate in their accelerated drive for the all-important competitive edge believe that management graduates with their macro vision and analytically trained minds can more than hold their own in the fast-changing world of business.

MBA as a three-letter qualification has become almost mandatory for entry in to and future advancement in, a wide range of industries. Top companies -multinationals, foreign banks, foreign financial institutions, public sector opportunities to management graduates.

for themselves. up to such an extent that the larger Indian companies are being forced to hike their compensation packages to stay in the race.

Increasing business activity and the predominant shortage of well-trained managers for industry make the MBA tag a prestigious and a well-paying one. The race for the best and the most remunerative jobs today is undoubtedly won by the management graduates, in general as well as specialized branches, which hold the key to the elitist profession of management.

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