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Low Interest Credit Cards

Low Interest Credit Cards becoming A Thing of the Past Yes. The rise in the interest rates will make low or zero percent credit cards non-existing or even may soon become an act of yester years. If you could call yourself a wise shopper, then there are chances still to secure a low rate interest cards. This is possible by watchfully shopping around. There are still possible ways to avail of a low interest credit card. Tips or some ways for you still can get a bargain rate card:

Facts about Low Interest Credit Cards:

Be happy if you get one in your hands as Low Interest Credit Cards are brilliant. This is so as they come up with great rates facilitating you to pay off your set backs in the specified time. Be it a large purchases or even everyday purchases credit cards are favorable. Consider these factors in doing your search for credit cards.

• Credit Score: An excellent or a good credit in terms of credit bureaus holds good for availing a credit card. Credit score that falls into either of these groups qualifies. If not chances of qualifying for the low interest credit card is less. The cards provided are for the lowest risk cardholders. They are mostly with sound credit score.

• Common Rates: Qualified Low Interest Credit Cards offer great rates. The rates fall between 9% and 15%. They are of great use to make large purchases. Your balance may be high; yet not charged much interest as a normal credit card is charged. The lower the interest rate the better however. Hence take pains to shop around.

• Introductory Offers: the introductory offers by the Low interest rate credit cards over a year with no APR are amazing. Sounds a great opportunity for cardholders without any fees attached. People keep paying off the balance, without being charged APR, hence is profitable for them to offer this plan.

• Fees: annual or enrollment fees on low interest credit cards are very occasional. Tops the line credit cards and so unnecessary fees would deter cardholders from applying. Avoid a card if that charges an annual or enrollment fee for a perfect credit. Look elsewhere, as for those with great credit never pay these fees, as against the high risk cardholders with bad credit.

Low Interest Credit Cards being helpful in credit card financing allows you to pay less amount of interest in the long run. Research your choices before applying as some cards allow low interest rate initially and raise it significantly.

Contact Current Provider:

Are the interest rates inching up the rates might spike from 5% rate, to 8, 9, or even 10%. The possibility of contacting your credit card provider can help you for a lower rate. The risk of you going elsewhere might get you a fixed lower rate. In case the provider refuses approach for a lower rate for a certain period of time at least. Say for a period of six or twelve months. Americans, mostly receive solicitations through mail for credit cards. Find a plan that would work for you too and proceed with application. A low introductory rate might well be offered. Balance transfer options might as well be provided.

No annual fees and no additional fees being assessed for transferring funds means, you can as well abide with regulations of the new company and what not if the rate is lower. Combine all your existing Debts, when your current credit card provider is not going to lower the rate. Sometimes new card companys rate isnt low as expected, here again you should think about obtaining a debt consolidation loan. You can approach a lending institution for this. The lender might ask you for some security to give you the lowest rate possible, like, the equity in your house. Assure of this if you have adequate equity. You should also have the potential to pay the loan or line of credit off.

Choosing the Best Low Interest Credit Card:

What more than complementing your choice so many low interest credit cards; which one to choose Do you need a guide to proceed through in choosing your low interest credit card.

1. The Chase Manhattan MasterCard: a great choice with an excellent credit rating has an introductory APR of 0%, up to six months. Opt plan to transfer your existing balances to your new account. Earn you points for every $1.00 that you spend and allows an automatic travel accident insurance, and offers you a discount at Car Rentals too.

2. The Blue Card from American Express: is a straightforward, low interest credit card; also has a great low interest rate of 0% for up to 15 months, if you are qualified. You should be lucky as it is imbedded with a Smart Chip that helps you in tracking unauthorized purchases. Here it allows you either to carry a balance throughout the year or pay the full amount monthly. Acts like a real traditional American Express card.

3. Chase Travels Reward MasterCard: can be another low interest credit card package that allows you a low interest rate and is perfect for those frequent travelers. It provides an introductory low-rate; and in addition offers a low interest rate for balance transfers. It sounds generous, as it sets it credit limit of up to $50,000.00, for qualified users. Most of all it rewards you with 1 point for every dollar spent with your card. This can be used at various hotels and restaurants.

Discover Titanium Card, Flexible Rewards Platinum Visa card and many more are there for you to discover. Come forward to search for more like this in the field. You are likely to find many more. There are offers consistently allowing low interest rate. Speed up and apply.

A stress on The Cheapest Rate:

Paying the lowest rate of interest you should be the most happiest. Chargeable on your usage; counts for maintaining an effective money management scheme. Make sure how you would pay the lowest interest rate on your credit card. This should be analyzed as vital element in deciding your choice of credit card.

Notice that the credit card companies are not in the business for providing free service. Their major part of income is by way of charging interest on balances carried-over from the payment period to the next. Interest though charged monthly, accrues credit card companies are thus required to advertise their interest rates as annual figure. The interest rate advertised calculated over the period of a year, known as the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the quick way of choosing the credit card company that charges the lowest rate of interest for using their card.

In comparing the APR advertised all you should keep in mind is:

• Annual Fees

• Credit Rating

• Default

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