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Located in south east Queensland, Gold Coast is the second most populous city in the state and the seventh most populous city in Australia. A great tourist attraction, the city is known for its sunny subtropical climate, world-class beaches, waterfront properties, and a long skyline dotted skyscrapers. The principal sectors of industry in the Loan Gold Coast region are property services, construction, retail trade, business services, transport, tourism (accommodation, cafes and restaurants), finance and insurance, health services, education, wholesale trade and entertainment.

As you have a whole range of Loan Gold Coast to choose from, it is never easy to find the right one. Let us take a look at the types of loans available.

Home loans

If you are looking to buy a new home to live or as an investment, the traditional home loan may just suit you fine. In order to be eligible for a home loan, you must be 18 or more, and have the income to repay the loan. You are offered a maximum term of 25 years for a home loan and 20 years for a residential land loan. You can choose on what basis you want to repay the loan: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The more often you pay the lower the interest cost. If you feel you can repay your loan earlier, see to it that the loan has the option for additional repayments, raising the monthly installment, or occasional lump sum repayments at any point of time. Also make sure that you don't incur any penalties if you want to repay the loan in full at any time. Mortgage protection insurance in Loan Gold Coast can automatically repay your loan in the event of death or total or permanent disablement of the loan holder. In variable rate home loan, the interest rate varies during the term of the loan depending on economic conditions. Fixed rate home loan carries a fixed rate of interest for a set term. Once the term expires, the loan can be renegotiated for another fixed rate period or converted into a variable rate home loan. In a fixed rate loan, you may have to incur additional costs if you opt for early repayment of the loan. There are other types of home loans such as field fixed, high start, and low start.

While applying for a home loan, you should take along your current employment and income records, list of assets, list of liabilities and your budget plan. The present employment and income details such as tax returns, group certificates or a salary skip should be confirmed for the last three years. The list of assets includes money on deposit in the bank, cars, investments, real estate, stocks and bonds, collections and their values.

The list of liabilities should contain what you owe, for example, credit cards, personal or car loans, charge accounts etc. Your budget plan should show all your income and expenses. Make it a point to include living expenses and out of pocket expenses as well. It can come in handy for both you and your lender to determine how much money is available to service the loan.

With this information ready, you can now discuss your options and the kind of home loan and repayments that suit you best. Your loan consultant can then issue you with a pre-approval or pre-qualified certificate which states how much they are prepared to lend you for a home.


If you are not satisfied with your present mortgage loan, you may go for refinancing that enables you to change from your original loan to a new one that suits you more.


If you find yourself short of the required capital while looking to purchase securities, shares or invest in a mutual fund, an investment loan appears to be your best solution. .

Non-conforming loans

If you do not meet the traditional requirements for a loan application like full-time employment or a sound credit history, you should better try for non-conforming loans that have been specifically designed for people like you.

Line-of-credit loans

You can also utilize the growing range of line-of-credit loans, also known as salary account or all-in-one loans. This type of loan offers you an opportunity to use every spare dollar to reduce the burden of your home loan. In a line-of-credit loan, your income is paid directly into the loan account to reduce the loan outstanding sooner than waiting for the repayment due date. In this scenario, you are in effect also making larger repayments because you only withdraw the money you need to live on each month, leaving the spare cash in the loan account to reduce the balance. This scheme helps you pay off your loan much quicker and saves you a big amount in interest costs. It, however, requires borrowers to be disciplined so that they do not withdraw more money over time than is going in.

Personal loan

Unlike a long-term mortgage or business loan, a personal loan is often used for buying durable goods, repaying debts or to going on vacations. Such a loan is mostly unsecured and depends on credit record, income and debt.

Many companies in Gold Coast offer brokerages for a full range of products such as motor vehicle finance, motorcycle finance, equipment finance, truck finance and boat finance. In most cases, they also back it up with excellent customer service

These companies can arrange finance on your motor vehicle to suit you specific requirements and budget, be it personal or business. As they have access to a large number of financiers, they can give you the most competitive package available. If you are having difficulties in finding the right car or just don't have the time to look for one, they also have access to a car finding service that can be a very safe and cost effective way or buying a car.

Chattel mortgage

A chattel mortgage can provide you some tax relief and flexibility if you are a sole proprietor, a partnership or a company using cash accounting for the GST.

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