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Loan Processor

Being a mortgage loan processor is not an easy task. There are certain requirements that are required by a person to be a dynamic loan processor.

To be a good loan processor the person is required to have very good communication skills. The loan processor should understand how important is his function and what are his responsibilities towards the consumer. The loan processor is required to convey all the information to the consumer in a very decent manner and hence the communication is supposed to be very strong. Besides the loan processor should also be able to make the consumer understand his rights and responsibilities towards the loan.

A good loan processor would use his resources on time when the deal needs to be closed before the interest rate lock expires. The loan processor needs to have a pleasing personality and should be interactive with the people. The processor is required to focus on the funding goals set by the team.

Loan processors are capable to get early promotions to managerial positions also. Now that you know the qualification required for the post of a loan processor let us understand the duties of the loans processor. The loan processor is responsible to evaluate the financial details and the background of the applicant. The loan processor decides whether the applicant would get the loan or not.

The loan processors are is entitled to question the applicant if he feels that any information is missing. In case the applicant has applied for a secured loan the loan processor estimates the value of the asset that has been pledged. The loan processor would also check the value of the item that the applicant wishes to buy. After everything has been verified the loan application is sent for credit verification to the credit analyst. The credit analysts are free to question the applicant whenever they want regarding the credit report. Later the loan processor can calculate the payment schedule again based on the new information given by the applicant.

After the loan processors are contented with the information provided by the applicant they would forward the application to the loan approval committee. The committee can also approve a small

amount of loan that has been applied for. The loan processor would finally get all the paperwork completed by the applicant. The loan processor explains the details of the loan to the applicant with all the terms and conditions.

There are some loan processors who would collect the due loans from the past. The loan processors would make a new payment plan for the borrower and if this does not work then the officer prepares legal documents that would seize the property for which the loan was taken or property against which the loan was taken.

Many loan processors would specialize in the types of loans like homeowner loans, commercial loans, real estate loans etc. all the process is mainly done by computers and the officers would at times supervise the clerks in preparing the documents. You would be even surprised to know that at times these loan processors would act as salesmen. The officers usually contact companies or individuals to ask them for their loan needs and also would advise them on taking a loan from their firm. Usually these people have tie ups with mortgage brokers who would direct clients to them.

The duty of a loan processor can be tough with work stretching till late and over the weekends also. They are busy the whole day with solving problems of the customers and the workload. To be able to perform better as a loan processor the person is required to organize his work and analyze the documents and carry out the calculations with a lot of care.

Most of the applications these days are processed online. With online applications the person just has to fill out an online form and the processing starts. With an online loan the applicant can get the benefit of applying for the loan in the convenience of his house and also at his own convenient time. The applicant also get a wide range of offers to select from and can also get the option of comparing the rates of various lenders online. The borrower can browse through the loan quotations, the requirements, interest rates, need of a collateral everything by just browsing through the Internet. This would save all the time that people would usually spend in meeting the lenders and getting their quotes individually.

Besides when the applicant thinks of online loans he saves a lot of time by avoiding the long meetings with lenders and getting through the application process. Also all the paperwork can be avoided that would be involved with an online application of the loan. This would be of help to the applicant as well as would reduce the workload of the loan processor. This would further result in the reduction of the total expenditure that would be incurred in getting the loan. For an online application the lender readily reduces the cost of the loan because the labor cost is reduced.

The loan processor is supposed to clarify any doubt that the client has. Right from starting to explain the loan costs to the terms and the monthly payments the loan processor takes the responsibility of being at the service of the customer. It is very important that the applicant understands the cost of the loan and how much will he be liable to pay towards the loan every month.

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