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Staging homes for sale

Home staging is repositioning the home in the sales market by bringing about decorative changes in the home with a view to present it with a fresh and new look to prospective buyers. It is just like presenting any old items to the prospective customers by cleaning and shining it to look fresh to claim better price in the market.


A home after use by occupation becomes dirty in look and necessarily need refreshing by repairs, cleaning, whitewashing, painting, furnishing or decorating.


Home staging process is needed any time the home is to be sold out. It is one of the promotional efforts that the home owner takes up to sell the house. In normal days it is done as routine but during recession or when there is low demand of homes in the market staging becomes more of importance. Staging of homes creates liking for the home on part of the buyers and that may induce them to quote a favorable price for the home.


Staging of homes remained very much in demand during 1990s up to 2006 when the real estate market was flourishing rapidly. After slowdown of the market post 2006 the staging did not fade away. It is still continuing with fan and fare.


Staging is one of the sales strategies marketers follow to sale homes easily and to claim more price. Home listing is also a strategy to project the home better to the prospective buyers. Staging helps the projection to be far better. It will help to draw clear attention of the keen buyers even from the lower turn outs to see the house. Clear customer perception about an item on sale gives clear and valuable edge in marketing.


Important points that can be noted by home owners in the process of staging of a home are as follows:


Removal of stains in any part of the home by repairing or /and painting


Removal of heavy items such as old furniture from the home


Home landscaping to incorporate new changes


Repositioning of furniture and decorative items in the room to look more specious


Lighting and focusing of lights on certain items to present them a brighter look


Refurnishing the carpets, curtains to give a new look to the room.


It is a fact that a poorly presentable home will not be able to generate client interest in thee home. For certification by the inspector also the home requires reasonable presentation and staging.


Staging home is not easy. It requires professional eye and suggestions. Home owners should take professional short term training from good and recognized training institutes.


They can consult some experts for staging the home by inviting them to view personally and suggest changes for staging. In home staging process kitchen staging is very important because this is the place which becomes the central point for attractions of home makers. Kitchen often becomes dirtier and requires special care for cleaning from stains. Cupboards and other components in the kitchen like water pipes or knobs, basins might become obsolete or worn out. These need immediate replenishment to avoid disliking of the house. Equally bathrooms are sensitive place that needs changes with fittings. Only good staging suggestion and expert implementation can retain the luster of the home to attract buyers.


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