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Traders in forex trading could be grouped into one of four basic types. These include bankers, brokers, customers and also central banks. There are bankers, banks and other financial institutions who do a huge share of trading. These people make profits by buying and selling currency to each other. About two-thirds of all forex transactions involve banks dealing directly with each other.

Brokers or dealers at times act as intermediaries between the banks. This in turn helps them or other traders who are looking for a good deal to find out where they can get the best currency trade. There are buyers and sellers who like working through brokers or dealers. This is because they can trade anonymously through intermediaries. Brokers also make huge profits on currency exchanges. This is done by charging a commission for the transactions they arrange.

Customers are mostly major companies. Such companies trade in currency. This is because they can operate globally or invest internationally. There are companies which trade currencies regularly. They have their own trading desks. There are some other companies which conduct their currency trading through brokers or banks.

Central banks like the US Federal Reserve, which acts on behalf of their governments, at times participate in the Forex market. This is primarily to influence the value of the currencies of their respective countries. For instance, if the Federal Reserve believes the dollar is weak, it could buy dollars. It could also encourage central banks of other countries to do the same in the Forex market. This is more to increase the value of the dollar.

Among the many factors which can create an impact on the value of a nations currency are business cycles. Apart from those even political developments, changes in tax laws and stock market news influence the rate. Traders should monitor all these potential factors. This is for a reason that they can

stay on top of political or economic changes that impact the value of the currencies which they have. Currency trading, like most of the other forms of trading, is more often affected by the basic economic principle which is nothing but supply and demand. When there is a large amount of one type of currency which is available for sale, the market is just flooded with it. This leads to the price of that currency falling to a lower level. When the supply of currency is less, and the demand for it is high, then the value of that currency increases.

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forex or the foreign exchange of currencies is facilitated by forex brokers and banks. Today, it has become an integral part of business operations. Though the U.S. dollar is still the preferred tender in the world market, there are many U.S. companies, or dollar-earning enterprises, which could be needed to trade their dollars for other currencies. This is purely to facilitate faster business transactions in foreign countries.

Most of the huge international associations which operate corporations and plants all over the world are the ones who invest in keeping different currencies. Various companies also earn from the fluctuations which happen in the money market. This is done by stocking up on currencies like euro, the yen, and the pound then selling them when their value which strengthens against the U.S. dollar.

Due to the great impact of the supply of dollar reserves, forex trading is heavily regulated by the government. There are individuals and companies who could only buy or sell. There are some who just bring in or take out of the country some legal amounts of currency. This causes a problem, more for companies which need to put up a lot of cash in dollars for buying large assets. This is where forex brokers come in and help them in raising the needed funds.

Dabbling in forex is just like dealing with equities. The market is volatile. Often that requires taking action which is based on forecasts. That will lead to what is right and what can lead to huge profits. However, when these forecasts tend to become wrong, they could create huge losses. The risks are enough to deter many people, however, at the same time there are uncertainties and the surprises. This is the strategic aspect of the activity and this also attracts many people to invest in buying and selling of foreign currencies. The only difference is that forex brokers do not charge commissions. Forex brokers get their earnings from the difference between the purchase price of a currency and the selling price after fluctuation happens.

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