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Foreign Stocks

Foreign Stock:

Foreign Stock is also a method of selling the products by a means of importing and exporting methods. Foreign Stock also involves in an opportunity to trade with NYSE and NASDAQ and most of the other world markets. One can trade equities, currencies and commodities all from one trading platform online. Here our funds will be handled by foreign branches so that there will be complete peace of mind in financial transactions.

In Foreign Stocks means of importing and exporting of goods forms a major transactional method:

As it will be helpful for both the countries as all the goods will be exchanged there are many advantages and disadvantages of the importing and exporting procedure, some of them are explained below:-

Importing and exporting forms a proper means of foreign transaction that will form a major help during the failure of manufacturing particular items.

This will also help in increasing business oppurtunities as different stock items will be exchanged.

This will also improve the business inter relationships as several contacts will be developed for stocks exchange.

Importing and exporting of products will also increase the countries financial economy as exporting of stocks will result in a very heavy profits as foreign standards deal in big margins.

Strictly speaking the more the transactions that takes place more will be the improvements in between 2 countries.

Importing and exporting of goods will form a major event as all the products cannot be available in a single place, the main advantage is that one has always got a chance of exchanging many items from wherever it is available.For eg one country will be having a product like cotton and may not have specific instruments to utilize cottons usage. So the thing is to improve by importing machinery from other place.

Importing of goods can take place in various forms I,e through ships, planes etc.

This forms a major help whenever some natural calamities occur like earthquakes, storms, Tsunami etc. Here importing comes to a main advantage as there will be a huge loss of property if a natural calamity occurs.

There are also many disadvantages as importing and exporting are concerned some of them are:

The cost of transportation will be very much higher as the goods have to be transported from one country to another which proves to be very far away from each other.

Heavy Taxes will be included when many products are imported from a very far away place.

No proper delivary guarantee will be there as the interaction takes from country to country.

Apart from importing and exporting there are some other categories that makes Foreign Stocks very famous one among them is Banking facility.

Some of the important points that comes under banking category are:

The stocks exchanges history, field of activity and territory, the forecasted or considerd developments if available, and any other usefull details other than the submitted ones if they give to the secretariat of the Swiss Federal banking a clear insight about the applicants way of operating, its organization and its position on the domestic international market.

Indication of the applicants head office and of any other relavent particular(address, telephone and fax numbers particulars of the responsible person to contact website if address available)

Description of the type of markets the applicant provides the investors with, description, if applicable, of the markets specification and or of the interaction between themselves or with other existing markets and stock exchanges.

Information about the applicants associates or shareholders with indication of the percentage of the applicants foreign ownership.

Indication of the particulars of any foreign supervisory authority in charge of supervising the applicant according to the legislation of the considerd country as well as of the tasks and competences of search authorities in terms of the applicants supervision.

Submission of the by laws and of the main rules and regulation, in particular those ruling the market and the organizations as well as the rules and regulations concerning the markets supervision, the members admission and the admission of securities.

Indication of the applicants possible means of intervention if one of its members, which is domiciled or established abroad (translational activity) violates its obligations or commits other irregularities, such information must either specify the references in the rules and regulations or later must be enclosed if they are not yet among the submitted documents.

Attestation that the applicant is duly registered with the competent foreign supervisory authorities.

Applicants organization and the information about the composition of its bodies.

List of members (including those domiciled or established abroad) who have acess to the applicants markets and the indication of the foreign authorities who are competent to supervise the members domiciled of established abroad.

Input in and output from terminal setup at the office of participant office or at other location approved by JASDEC for the system of depositary and book entry transfer of Foreign Stocks Certificates etc.

The method approved by JASDEC as appropriate from among methods of delivary of data by participant computer system in which data is transferred as file.

Transfer of data, between JASDEC and Share handling service agent, concerning beneficial shareholders in the form of magnetic tape (cartridge type) or other similar media.

Transfer of data, between JASDEC and foreign depositary , by SWIFT network ( network called Socity for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)

Transfer of data between JASDEC and japan securities clearing corporation (prescribed in Article 23) approved by both parties as appropriate.

In case of delisting from stock exchange of such Eligible Foreign Stock Certificate on the day to be designated and notified in advance to participants by JASDEC from among the days immediately following the last settlement day of such Eligible Foreign Stock Certificates, etc.

In case the balance in the account of participant who requests the transfer is short of the amount requested to be transferred from, JASDEC shall handle such request of transfer as Transfer Unfinished .

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