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West Virginia University believes the talents, hopes, and ambitions of our young people are among the most valuable resources this nation possesses. In this backdrop, the university comes forward to promote scholarship, grant, loan, and employment opportunities for its students who are willing to go for higher education. Planning in advance either, financial as well as academic palys an important role in the achievement of any students educational goal.


The West Virginia University Financial Aid process includes below steps:


1. Application Process


2. Verification


3. Respond to the Award letter


4. Special Circumstances


Based on the eligibility requirements of West Virginia University maximum amount of Financial Aid will be available after considering external sources such as the Federal Pell Grant, State Grants and non WVU scholarships. The basic financial aid Sources are:


1. Scholarships


Scholarships are a sort of gift aid which doesnt require repayment. These are sponsored based on academic performance, talent, or achievement. Scholarships can be offered through various sources like WVU (Institutional), an academic department (Departmental) or by an outside source (External).


* Institutional Scholarships: Freshly entered students can apply for WVU Scholarships by completing the admissions process by February 1.


* Departmental Scholarships: Students who wish to apply for scholarships should contact their academic department.


* External Scholarships: External Scholarships are required to search by the students only. You can find so many external scholarships with the online search.


2. Grants


Grants are need based Financial Aid which does not require repayment. Grants can be either federally funded or state funded. State funded grants are restricted to their one state only and some states do not transfer grant funds out of state.


Various kinds of grants available are:


* Pell Grant


* Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG)


* National Science & Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART)


* Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG)


* State Grants


* TEACH Grant


* WVU HERF Grant


III. Employment Federal Work Study and Other Opportunities


3. Federal Work Study: Federal Work Study is a need-based self-help Financial Aid program which allows students to earn money through a part-time job either on campus or off-campus, non-profit organizations. Students will be paid only for hours worked and payment will be received in the form of paychecks directly to their personal bank account.Dtudnets can use the earned money for covering tuition and fees, etc. Students should respond to the Federal Work Study Financial Aid Award offer within 30 days other wise it will be cancelled and may not be reinstated.


* Other Student Employment Opportunities


Students who are not awarded Federal Work Study and interested to work within the West Virginia University can find options at WVU Office of Student Employment.


* Graduate Assistantships


Students enrolled for a graduate degree program can find graduate assistantships to receive a tuition waiver and living expense stipend from the university offices. Eligible students can contact their WVU Office of Student Employment for Graduate Assistantships.




Students are offered with variety of loans to pay college costs, both federal and non-federal loans. Students and parents of dependent students can apply for the full amount of their Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) every academic year. The WVU Financial Aid Office discloses the list of eligible candidates within one week of the application process.


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