Financial aid work study

Financial Aid Work-Study program is one kind of Financial Aid designed to offer jobs to full-time students in meeting their education costs. Students can work 8-10 hours per week to earn the award amount. In some cases, students may choose to work up to forty hours per week during vacation periods. Then also students will be paid with minimum federal wages. Work-Study program allows students to pay their part of earnings through federal funds.


The remaining amount is paid by the students employer. Many job openings are available to the eligible students on or off grounds.Undregradute students are automatically considered for Federal work study when they apply and graduates are considered based on the request. If you are not eligible for work-study the Financial Aid Office may replace you with need-based loan award, depending on availability of funds and eligibility requirements of the student. Need-based loan award amounts vary from $1,000 to $2,000 for undergraduate students and $6,000 for graduate students.


The below is average rate pay of work-study award:


Work-Study Award Amount Hours Needed to Work per Week to Earn the Award (at $9.62/hour)


$4,000 13.8


$3,000 10.4


$2,500 8.7


The application process starts with filling the FASFA form by saying YES to the question of student employment. The award letter shows, whether the student is eligible for work study or not. Once you accept the work-study award, you will be allowed to submit an electronic work study job preference by accessing the Work-Study Job Directory. Then the students will be offered with Job Assignment Referral Form, which discusses the hourly rate, job responsibilities and schedules. The supervisor will fill the form the returns to the student financial aid services. Then the supervisor allocates the work hours and enters the student name in regular payroll system. Every two weeks you will be paid and paychecks issued. You can choose the checks delivery system either of sending to your mail directly or depositing in your personal account. Federal Work-Study Earnings are subject to federal, state, and local tax withholding and your responsibility is to file all taxable earnings.


For International students:


International students are required to have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) to be eligible for a Work-Study placement. SIN is a nine-digit number useful to work in Canada either on or off campus. SIN allows you to make the necessary government deductions.


Working students will be having:


* Higher grade point averages


* They graduates at a faster rate


* Important job skills to include on their resumes.


* Better organized skills and time management.


* Real time experience


* Financial resources that may be critical to meeting college costs.


Eligibility criteria of work-study program:


* Should be enrolled for any of the courses of undergraduate studies.


* Should have minimum 2.00 CGPA for undergraduate studies and minimum 3.00 CGPA for graduate studies.


* Should have need based financial need


Student responsibilities include:


* The students should perform all the duties as mentioned in the job description.


* Full fill the scheduled hours of work.


* Be informing advance of any absence.


* Complete the nessacary formalities of human Resources, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.


* Submit all information and documentation which required for the eligibility under the Work-Study Program.


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