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Washington State offers Financial Aid programmes are intended to help the states lowest-income undergraduate students. Students can perceive their education through many universities, accredited independent colleges, universities and career schools in Washington. Various starships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, financial need, areas of study, group affiliations etc. Washington State provides various opportunities to apply for scholarships, including university and non-university scholarship opportunities.


There are four types of Financial Aids like grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships are available to the Washington state students.Washinton State Law constituted The Higher Education Coordinating Board to monitor the state-funded Financial Assistance and coordinating various Federal Aid programs to offer better service in the process of higher education.


Various Financial Aid Programs offered by the Washington State are:


1. American Indian Endowed Scholarship


The American Indian Endowed Scholarship provides financial assistance to a Native American community to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies. The amount varies between $500 to $2,000. Every year 15 students are accommodated with this scholarship.


2. College Bound Scholarship


The College Bound Scholarship established to provide financial assistance based on the tuition rates at Washington public colleges and universities to cover the tuition fee amount which is not covered by other state Financial Aid Awards.


3. Future Teachers Conditional Scholarship and Loan Repayment Program (2009-2010)


The Future Teachers Conditional Scholarship and Loan Repayment program supports students and paraprofessionals to become teachers, assistant teachers. At the time loan repayment, candidates need to agree for teaching in Washington K-12 public schools.


4. GET Ready for Math and Science Conditional Scholarship


It is a Science conditional scholarship intended to low-income and middle-income high school students with highest math and science test scores are eligible for this program.


5. Health Professional Loan Repayment and Scholarship Programs


The Health Professional Loan Repayment program was formed to attract and retain licensed health professionals to work in remote areas of Washington State.


6. Passport for Foster Youth Promise Program


It was created by the state of Washington to promote youth for a successful higher education.


7. State Need Grant


The State Need Grant (SNG) program assists the low income undergraduate students in obtain degrees, hone skills, or retrain for new careers.


8. State Work Study


The State Work Study program helps low and middle-income students to get money while studying.


9. Washington Scholars


Washington Scholars identifies the three high school students from the states 49 legislative districts. Students can utilize the aid at any college of Washington.


10. WAVE - Washington Award for Vocational Excellence


The WAVE program established to help the vocational students from the 49 state legislative districts. The eligibility will be based on the students occupational proficiency, leadership, community activities, work experience, and other qualities. A committee, consists of business, labor, education, the Legislature and citizens, makes the final selection.


11. Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Student Exchange


This program exclusive designed for the residents of 14 Washington state residents with less tuition rates with the help of Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) student exchange programs. Participates states of WICHE are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.


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