Financial aid regulations

The Federal Government enacted many of Financial Aid Regulations for undergraduate and graduate students. Financial Aid Regulations highlights the parents responbility in meeting the educational costs of students. Dependent students Financial Aid Eligibility is determined on the basis of parental income of an applicant.


Financial Aid Regulations for both Graduate and undergraduate students are:


* Undergraduate Financial Aid


* Undergraduate Financial Aid Applicants are required to maintain 2.0 credits for the various types of aids they receive.


* Most of the federal grants and work-study aids require minimum enrollment of 12 credits as per the Federal Regulations.


* Loan applicants are required to maintain average 6 credits each semester when they receive a loan. A student who doesnt meet the minimum requirements will be suspended from further aid.


* Graduate Financial Aid


* Most of the colleges provides assistance ship of 20 hours per week


* Graduate assistants are required to work full-time. The minimum eligibility is enrolling for 9 graduate-level credits.


* Graduate students can work as teaching assistants or graduate instructors. Teaching hours will be up to 20 hours per week, and the payment will be based on the teaching load.


* International students also consider for teaching assistantships if they have satisfactory English communication, as determined by Utah State Universitys Intensive English Language Institute.


* A nonresident student with graduate assistantship of $350 per month may be eligible for waiver scheme of students degree program.


* Based on the full time registration, a student is matriculated in a doctoral degree program can be consider for resident tuition award of $600 per month.


* Western Regional Graduate Programs (WRGP) is designed to the residential students to perceive MS and PhD in Biometeorology, Toxicology, and Watershed Science; and those Sin Physics, with a specialization in Upper Atmospheric Physics.


* Fellowship and scholarship programs are established for full-time enrolled students at approved graduate level coursework.


The Financial Aid Eligibility Regulations are:


o The applicant must be a US citizen.


o Should maintain satisfactory academic track record to be eligible for Federal Financial Aid.


o Candidates need to enclose all required documents along with the application of the FASFA.


o A depended student should demonstrate to the inability to pay the full tuition fees to the Financial Aid Office.


o Enrollment status will be based on the number of credit hours of a student's schedule, which includes 6 credit hours are consider as part time status, 9 credit hours are consider as quarters time, and 12 credit hours are consider as full-time status.


o Changes in the number of credit hours will be effect your Financial Aid Award amount.


o Financial aid applications should reach the Financial Aid Office before the deadline.


o A student is not eligible for both scholarship and work-study Financial Aid Programs at a time.


o Students can renewal the Financial Aid eligibility period until he maintains the eligibility status.


Some of the Financial Aid Disbursement Regulations:


o 25% of Pell Grants awards will be released to the students accounts.


o Students have the choice to request additional funds.


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