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University of Quebec. Offers various Financial Aid program's to cover the student's loans, awards, scholarships, bursaries, grants, fellowships, etc. Most of the Quebec universities also have a financial aid department focused on financial aid for students. Financial aid generally sponsors based on merit and need based. Aide financia¨re aux ©tudes (AFE) is the Quacbec government's student financial aid department designed to help eligible Quacbec residents with the cost of their post-secondary education. Based on the need to attend a college, university, university-college, public institute or private training school, students are allowed to offer Financial Aid through the Loans and Bursaries Program.


Aide financia¨re aux ©tudes (AFE)'s offers need based programs and assist the students in meeting theory education costs fpr full- or part-time education and basic living expenses. Assistance programs for language immersion study and for students facing specific challenges are also available. AFE manages programs on behalf of the Government of Quacbec, as well as federal Millennium Scholarship Foundation programs. The Quebec government pays interest on education loans if you are enrolled as full time student. You can "capitalize" the interest that adds for 6 months to the loan amount.


The Ministare de l'Immigration ET des Communaut©s culturelles (MICC) determines the eligibility criteria on below factors:


* Immigration Status


* Address confirmation to an MICC course


* The type of course (full time, part-time or tailored course)


The below are the various Financial Aid Programs offered by the Quebec government:


1. Quebec Residents


Resident's of the Quebec who perceive medical studies in Ontario are not eligible for student loans issued by the Quebec government.


2. Faculty Of Medicine Student Grants


Students who qualify for government aid may be eligible for non-repayable grant assistance. The average issued financial aid award amount for first year students was $6000.00.


3. Enhanced Bursary Program Information


The Enhanced Bursary Program is a limited fund amount launched to assist students with the highest level of financial need. Financial need assessment will be done on the basis of student loan information from the government including a detailed financial need analysis of student.


4. Scotia Loans


The Faculty of Medicine and the University of Toronto offers some educational loans with the assistance of Scotia bank to help students to a personal line of credit.


The following Federal and regional loans are sponsored by RBC:


* Province of Quebec and Province of Nova Scotia


* Federal, Provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island


* Province of Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario


5. Faculty Of Medicine Scholarships And Awards


The Faculty of Medicine offers a number of academic scholarships and awards. Application is not required for the majority of awards and scholarships.


6. Deferred Tuition Payment


Students are granted with provincial loan assistance to be eligible for defer fee payment. Students are requested to bring a copy of the "Notice of Assessment" issued by your Provincial loan authority to the Admissions and Student Finance Office to complete a fee deferral request.


For additional information you can take the guidance of CANLEARN which is Canada's one-stop resource for the information to explore learning and education opportunities, research occupations, developing learning strategies, and create the financial plans to achieve your goals.


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