Financial aid office

Financial Aid is established to assist states in providing Financial Assistance to students in reaching their academic excellence. Financial Aid Office is a location where the financial aid related entire process will take place. Every College will be having concerned Financial Aid Office to provide the guidance regarding scholarships, grants, loans, and/or part-time employment opportunities. The initial step of Financial Aid begins with providing the brochure of different Financial Aid programmes to the enrolled students. Financial Aid Office provides in time service to the applicants, university and government agency in achieving their educational goals. Financial Aid Office not only supports the students and also helps their family in deciding the appropriate Financial Aid Programme.


The student need to submit the below documents to the Financial Aid Office before starting the process:


* Electronic Provisional Award Letter entering students


* Electronic Financial Aid Notification


* File status and document tracking


* Summer Aid Application submitted to the Financial Aid Office


* Satisfactory Academic Progress notification


The Financial Aid Office people select the eligible students for the Financial Aid Award. Based on the determination of Expected Family Contribution and Cost of Attendance Financial Aid Office decides the Financial Aid Amount. Financial Aid Office staff will be well trained to assist the students to manage the monthly stipends and grants with fellowship and external funds. Financial Aid Office also coordinates with the Admissions Office and Finance Office to maintain the financial records.


Below are the rights of the students at Financial Aid Office:


* The students can check what kind of information can be available on financial aid including federal, state and institutional financial aid programs.


* The course of action and submission process of applicants.


* In formation regarding the cost of attendance and refundable policies for the students who wish to drop out.


* The selection method of Financial Aid Eligible candidates


* Examining the Financial Aid Profile and the considerable sources in determination of Financial Aid Eligibility.


* The students can check the interest rates and college fees offered by the different colleges


Simultaneously students also offer to have below responsibilities at financial aid office:


* A student needs to submit valid documents on financial aid applications, along with verification documents required by the Financial Aid Office. Omission of information can result in changes to your award.


* Financial Aid Office need to be updated with the changes in the family financial situation.


* Also inform the financial aid office regarding the e financial assistance from outside sources.


* Submitting the signed documents of financial aid award letter to the financial aid office.


* Maximum utilization of all educational related financial aid funds.


* Inform the Financial Aid Office any changes in name, permanent address, and enrollment status.


The code of conduct of Financial Aid Office:


* Financial aid office restricts the choice of choosing external lenders and maintaining preferred lender list


* The loan application forms can be processes through a student chosen lender.


* The employees of financial aid office are not encouraged to take any kind of gifts and cash money from the students.


* The staff of the financial aid office is prohibited to serve on an advisory board relating to educational loans established by a lender or group of lenders from receiving anything of value from the lender or group of lenders in connection with serving on such advisory board.


* Also prohibits external lenders employees, representatives, or agents from providing staffing services to the financial aid office.


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