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The most important step of students academic is selecting a right college. Simultaneously education costs also play an important role in selecting a proper college, which helps to explore the students future. A college Financial Aid guides the students and their families prepare for investing in a high quality liberal arts education. College Financial Aid is a loan program sponsored by the colleges. The process starts with applying for the scholarship program of a particular college. That application contains the details of an applicants personal data, cultural, ethnic, family, religious, academic and extracurricular activities.


The below are the some of the college financial aid provided by the colleges:


1. FAFSA: It is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid of federal and state financial aid.


2. Federal Financial Aid: It is also assisted by the Federal government by providing grants and loans to students and their parents.


3. The Pell Grant: One in four American college students receive a Federal Pell Grant, which is not required repayment.


4. Stafford Loans: The Stafford Loans federally-backed, low-interest loans and provides up to $57,000 Financial Aid.


5. Perkins Loans: These are destined for low income families.


6. PLUS Loans: PLUS Loans have a fixed, low interest rate and can be cover the entire cost of attendance minus any other financial aid


7. Federal Work Study Program


8. 529 Savings Programs: It is a tax-deferred savings program which parents and others can use to save for their children's college.


9. Paying Back Your Student Loans


10. Military Financial Aid: Special Financial Assistance provided to veterans and their family


11. State Financial Aid: Financial Aid provided by the state.


12. College Scholarships: Scholarships are free money to help you pay for tuition, room, board and expenses


Financial Aid for College


Financial Aid for colleges will be resourced by the operation of some programs through local organizations. Another option for funding college may be through an employer. If the student plans on pursuing a degree that is relevant to the business in some manner, the company may provide financial aid for college. The employee will be expected to pay college expenses and can reimburse the expenses by submitting the supporting documents. World wide many of the countries sponsoring grant programmes.


Many of the countries manages grant programs which can provide Financial Aid for college. The best example is Pell Grant program in the United States which is designed to provide financial assistance to the students within the fixed income operating limits. This Pell Grant program is not demands repayment and doesnt involve any kind of process charges.


One more source of college Financial Aid is gaining through a private foundation. The private foundations will select the applicants from the list of applications they received. The eligibility criteria depend on the course of study, religious tradition, and whether the applicant is under single parent etc. Along with grants and scholarships, there is also the possibility of using a student loan to pay for college. In many of the cases of students it is not considered as compulsory to repay the amount of loan taken. Based on the need of the financial assistance, credit worthiness of the candidate can secure Financial Aid for college and earn the degree they seek.


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