Financial aid graduate school

In the current scenario, Graduate School Education is an expensive process and many of the students are not moving ahead of its cost. However, Federal Government designed various financial aid programs to assist graduates in the form of scholarships, fellowships and assistantships.


In spite of them; two major Financial Aids are available to graduate students:


(1) Merit based academic Aids and


(2) Need Based Aids. Graduate scholarships are designed to pay tuition and living expenses and which do not have to repay. Many of the graduate schools encourage the students to perceive their higher education by providing provide a fee remission to cover the tuition and fees. Confirm with graduate school about the various financial aid programs available in that particular college, while taking admission only. CRAW Graduate School Information Kit is a site designed to encourage more women to pursue their advanced degrees in computer science and engineering. It assists the women computer science and engineering graduates about the useful Financial Aid Information. More than $60 billion aid amount is available for graduate students in the form of Perkins, Stafford, and PLUS loans.


* Perkins Student Loans


Perkins Loans are need based loans designed for the graduate students and offered throughout the course period of the graduation to both the part time and full time students. A Perkins Loan assists up to $6,000 a year with 5 percent interest rate.


* Graduate Stafford Loans


Stafford loans offers up to the amount of $18,500 a year without the concern of financial need. If you demonstrate your financial need, the government will pay $8,500 of the interest amount on the taken loan. A fixed interest arte of 6.8 percent is charged on the Graduate Stafford Loans.


Stafford Loans also two types:


o Direct loan: Direct Loans are paid by the federal government and repaid directly to the federal government.


o Federal Family Education Loan: FEEL loans are issued by a private institution.


* PLUS Student Loans: PLUS students loans are additional financial aid apart from the above financial aid programs. These are offered with the interest rate of 8.5 % to the students who have passed credit check.


The application process of any of the above loans starts with filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The below are the aids provided to the graduate students:


* The Federal Stafford Loan for Graduate Study


* Private Student Loans for Graduate Students


* Consolidation Loans for Graduates


* PLUS Loans for Graduate Students


* Start Managing your Credit


Below are the programes designed to meet the specific filed of study.


* Dental School Loan Application


* Medical School Loan Application


* Business School Loan Application


* Law School Loan Application


* MBA Loans


* Nursing School Loans


* Other graduate fields of study


* Scholarships for graduate students:


Scholarships are sponsored voluntirly by the private organizations based on their specific talents. Some of the listed organizations graduate scholarships:


1. ADAMHA National Research Service Awards


2. Agency for Health Care Policy & Research, Grants for Dissertation Research


3. American Bar Association, International Legal Exchange Program (ILEX)


4. American Cancer Society, California


5. American Council of Learned Societies, Grants for Chinese Studies


6. American Council of Learned Societies, East European Language Training


7. American Institute for Economic Research


8. American Institute of Indian Studies. Fellowship Program


9. American Philosophical Society, The J. C. Slater Fellowship


10. American Philosophical Society, Phillips Fund for Native American Studies


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