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North Carolina is (nc) a state of southeastern United States located on the Atlantic Seaboard. This article mainly explores about the different financial aid opportunities provided to the college students. The financial aid provided North Carolina students will be given irrespective of their color, religion, nation, sex, marital status and age. North Carolina and government set up a fund to help provide financial assistance to the students. The maximum financial aid eligibility of each student will be $4000 per academic year. The EARN schoprship will not be increased beyond the cost of attendance established by each college.


North Carolina college universities providing different kind of financial aids like:










1. Scholarships


The University of North Carolina offers different programmes to provide various scphorship programmes.These scholarships are sponsored by the office of scholarships and financial aid department by the cluster of ten colleges from North Carolina State University.


This program is mainly intended to offer financial assistance to the below categories:


For High School Students


For Transfer Students


For Current Students


For Graduate Students


For International Students


2. Grants


North Carolina University provides two types of grants like a, gift fund which doesnt allows paying money and second one is self help funds which need to pay the borrowed money. The student grants funding will be sponsored by the federal government, funds from the State of North Carolina, and institutional funds from NC State University.


The different types grants offered by North Carolina university are:


Federal Grants


North Carolina State Grants


Non-North Carolina State Grants


Institutional Grants


3. Loans


Generally different forms of loans like Federal loans, Stafford loans, Perkins loans, and PLUS loans, are available to the students who wish to apply. The terms and conditions, interest rates and fees are regulated by the federal law. Apart from these private loans also available which charges more interest rates and high loan fees irrespective filling FAFSA form. Students will be provided with loan payment calculator to check out their loan payment installments.


4. Work


While submitting the FAFSA form, the students will be awarded with federal work study which allows obtaining a work study job assignment. The salary will be directly credited to the students account only not to the university cashier.


Apart from the above financial aid programme below are the different loan programmes offered by North Carolina university colleges:


North Carolina's Education Lottery Scholarship


University of North Carolina Need-Based Grant


North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant


North Carolina's Community College Grant & Loan Program


1. The North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship (ELS)


The North Carolina Education Lottery Scholarship (ELS) setup in 2005 by the General assembly, to provide financial aid assistance to the North Carolina resident students located within the state of North Carolina.


2. North Carolina's Community College Grant & Loan Program


In this system financial aid will be available to the students of North Carolina residents who present their financial need and are registered for at least 6 hours at a North Carolina community college. The amount of financial aid issued will be displayed in Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) based on the provided information of financial aid profile


3. University of North Carolina Need-Based Grant


This kind of financial aid will be provided to the students of 16 campuses of the University of North Carolina. The granted financial aid award amount will be varied on legislative laws.


4. North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant


North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant was established by General Assembly to the students of non profit colleges in North Carolina to pay high Educational costs and tuition fees. The Financial Aid award amount will be settled by the North Carolina General Assembly and the loans will be processed by the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority.


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