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Expat Health Insurance

What is Expat Health Insurance:

Expat health insurance is important when one is going overseas either to live or work for certain period of time ranging from several months to many years. This is because Expat Health Insurance will insure the health, safeguard the assets and offer freedom of choice in that particular country. Expat Health Insurance will offer access to the best medical facilities across the world and provide crucial medical cover at the time when one needs it the most.

The working of Expat Insurance:

It is very important for anybody who is going to stay and work overseas to get protected with a good medical insurance plan. USA has a high medical cost and the cost of acquiring insurance is still higher. An average Americans second largest lifetime outlay constitutes healthcare and insurance fees after rent or mortgage and about one million families face bankruptcy every year due to the direct impact of medical bills which they are incapable of paying. Despite being aware of this, forty five million Americans live without any form of health insurance plan as acquiring an insurance plan is out of budget for them. However, this will not be a cause for worry, when one is going abroad to stay, get employed in a job or retire, one is able to get expat health insurance for less by looking for various options while shopping for insurance. It is important to find out the real healthcare cover needs and looking for free entitlements in the county in which one is living as well as tax rebates that can be claimed for health insurance fees paid.

The Target groups:

A lot of insurance companies are there those who specially cater to the expatriate market. They recognize that some expats are required to travel a lot, stay or work in more than a single country and go abroad with family and often need a fixed duration of cover. These companies are good. However, if one has to stay in a country permanently, one can avail private insurance incurring less cost locally in the country where one is living. In case one is staying overseas in a fixed location or have permanently stayed in a country following retirement and not likely to travel much, in that situation a lot of extras which the health insurance companies offer might not be useful and one might not pay for things which one does not need. It is the exact identification of the needs from the expat health plan and provider which is important. If one is young, healthy and has plans to reside abroad for a fixed time frame, it is better to get a catastrophic health insurance plan in order to tide over a serious accident or recover from a serious illness. Instead one might just need medical emigration in case if something serious happens and just wish to return home. In case of both of these alternatives, it is going to be cheap for the individual. On the fundamental level eliminating all the extra offerings and additional levels of cover that are not applicable to a person will be beneficial which will help in quickly pruning down the monthly premium.

One more way out is to get expat health insurance for less remains to hike ones excess which is the amount of medical bill which one is required to pay prior to the insurance company has to start paying. Higher excess will lead to lower monthly insurance fees. There are several insurance providers that offer a sizeable discount in case one pays the annual policy in one instalment. It makes sense to enquire about any discount as majority of the companies never publicize about these discounts. Apart from this, one has to find out if one can deduct ones expat health insurance premium from ones annual tax Bill and if so whether one can get any free health care cover in case of emergencies for instance inside the country in which he/she is living. In case this is available, then this constitutes one more addition which one is able to eliminate from the policy and helping one to get even cheaper expat health insurance at the time of residing abroad.

Companies providing Expat Health Insurance:

(i) Good Health

Expat Health Insurance cover from Good health gives international health insurance cover to policy holders to (i) insure ones health (ii) to safeguard ones assets (iii) to give one freedom of choice (iv) to enable avail the best medical facilities across the world and (v) to have insurance cover when one needs it. Being one of major and most experienced providers of international medical insurance, Goodhealth have been assisting expatiates from across the globe for more than 22 years. It is one of the largest providers of international medical and health insurance and the company is functioning in the international healthcare market. By means of the comprehensive expat health insurance product, Good health provides access to the best medical facilities through local support and international knowledge alongwith the network of regional offices guarantees that the claims are settled quickly, in an efficient manner.

(ii) Medicare International:

Medicare International also provides international medical insurance for expats and their families from every nation regardless of their place of living and working abroad. Besides, coverage is also provided to majority of the local nationals residing and working in their home nation. Medicare International provides coverage for treatments such as maternity care and also for dental treatment. In case of illness, Medicare has policies which offer choice including the freedom to choose the place where one needs treatment in the world in case someone falls ill. Besides, there are coverage for chronic illness for the present as well as in future.

(iii) MEDExpat

MEDExpat offers expats with free International health insurance quotes in order to enable them to procure the most suitable and competitive Expat Medical Insurance online. The company is a leading Medical Insurance intermediary having more than 20 years experience in the market.

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