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(Introducing Ecommerce) placing your business online :

Have you given a thought to taking your business online or just adding up a few services to your online business

These are what I feel the basics of taking your business online by introducing ecommerce as a solution

1) Researching:-

Get along with the various online business models. Get yourself at ease with the online world. Learn and familiarize yourself with the online business world as much as you can. Try and focus son the working models on the internet giants.

Start picking up the best features of the business web sites that you go through and then form a vision for on e of your own. Try to form basic criteria for building your web site.

Electronic commerce is shaping up as a multi billion dollar business which keeps on changing its working nature very rapidly. So in order to keep up with the changing scenarios you need to learn a lot and keep your self regularly updated. Luckily, the resources that we have online can keep us updated with the change. You need to take out plenty of time to regularly update yourself with the latest information regarding ecommerce.

In case you personally dont have a sound base in the world of ecommerce, you can always consult a professional and even register yourself with the mailing lists on the specific topic.

2) Locate your potential market:-

If you have the courage and hefty resource s the whole World Wide Web is your potential market. If you are planning to start up new with little resources my advice is that you should start with a pre-defined niche. In a niche you will face less competition and will have the potential to build a good name for your firm. Once you consolidate your business in a niche there is always room for going on with the expansion plans. Going global with your starting shot could prove dangerous.

Dont take a niche as an area with very less opportunity. Its easier to build a brand name starting with a niche. You must define the limits and growth potential of your niche and focus within it. While doing the business you will definitely think of new big ideas, so see it for yourself that does your new plan fits to the limits of your niche , if it does than go for it.


Always remember that every business needs a marketing plan whether it is placed online or offline. This is a very common mistake made by new entrants while providing ecommerce solution to their existing business when they do not apply the same fundamentals of offline business to their online business. A solid business plan is required whether you are conducting a tangible business or an online business.

While preparing the plan for your online business you must carry a realistic approach mainly for calculating the averages of converting visitors to costumers and the time and resources required to get started.

You must understand the buying behavior of an online customer, his needs and expectations. When you face any problem conducting your business online you must consult an expert as per the nature of the problem.

3) Create a brand name:-

Select such a unique website domain name which keeps you shinning up from the rest of the pack.

You must consult a couple of professionals on online advertising and marketing.

You must also appoint a good web designer who can help you create a dynamic web site as per your needs.

4) Get a web host for your web site:-

There are a number of hosts available out there and it could get very confusing while choosing the one meeting your requirements.

To make the process of finding a host easier the host search engine has already done enough searches and research on the hosting companies and their products. All you need to be sure of before start looking for the web host is the basic criteria such as bandwidth and space you need for your web site. Then you should also have the knowledge of the other features that web hosting companies provide to make it easy to search a host that fits to your needs.

5) Maximizing automation:-

One should go for maximum automation process on the web site from the very beginning. However most of the developing web merchants look forward for automation only when their site is encountered by enormous traffic and their business is growing big. Still in my opinion whenever you place your store online you should get in with maximum automated processes.

6) Taking the dynamic approach:-

Having a wide ranged product line with the ability to bring in a couple every year will keep you ahead of the competition. This will provide you an opportunity to earn on a consistent basis, you must also replace the products that do not perform anymore this will keep you focused on the growth path. Regularly updating your main product line even when there is no need of doing so will always put you way ahead of what the others are offering.

If you cant find a product by any means to add up to your product line then you could always get into a deal for marketing someone elses product along with your own for a little share in the margins. This way the visitors on your site will have a very wide range to choose from and they would prefer buying from you in the long run.

You should deal in the products and the services that you can rely on In the long run. Ideally you should have your own product line but if thats not your business line than make sure that the products that you market through your web site are from good business houses that have a huge scope for growth in the long run.

One very important decision last from side that you should take before launching your web site on the web is plotting a good web consultant with your business. The one you can rely on in difficult situations.

Now grab the professional hand of your consultant and map your way ahead in business by taking small steps at desired pace.

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