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Advertising is something which has always been used by human beings from the times in memorial. The only thing which has kept changing is the way of advertising. Advertising is the most important part of business. To sell any product, one has to first make people aware about that product. One has to first prove that their product is better than any other such product.

A good advertisement can quite easily increase the sales of your product. Before going deep into advertisement first we should know what exactly an advertisement is. It is basically a technique of informing the public about the various features a product holds and thereby convincing them to purchase the product as their first choice, so that the companys sales and profits can grow.

The message that an advertisement carries or delivers is quite important as it can make people get attracted towards the product or it can also lead them away. While making an advertisement one should always take care that it should be made such that not only it carries the appropriate message but it should also be understood by most of the audiences. The importance of advertisement can also be taken out from the fact that every company, whether big or small, invest a handsome amount in the advertising sector. There are many different ways of advertising such as using videos, audios or text. You can go for any mode but the point is that you advertisement should be such that it catches everyones eye atleast once.

So is an advertisement means so much to a company then it makes sense to find out that what makes an advertisement rated as good and what makes its rating poor. Why a company doesnt receive the desired response in spite of its hard work Was the advertisement not well designed or the advertisement didnt target the right audience Targeting the right audience is infact the one of the most important part of advertising.

With the increase use of internet, a new trend has been seen in the advertising industry recently. The

advertisement has taken a new form of online advertisement. An online advertisement is nothing but advertising through internet. This method has been so successful that nowadays it has become one of the most rapidly growing businesses. The main reason for the growth of online advertisement is that its quite cost efficient. With online advertising you can reach audience of literally any place in the world without being physically there. So that saves a lot of cost spend on traveling. The second point is that you dont have to make different advertisement for different areas since now the single one will suffice. Online advertising business is beneficial for both the company giving the advertisement and the advertising firm.

There are some points which you should always keep in mind before stating an online advertising business. These points can really give your business a boost. First and foremost your website should be such that it can be displayed correctly on most of the browsers. A survey shows that around 80% of the browsers all round the globe use internet explorer, the other 20% consist of browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla Firefox etc. But this figure is changing these days. In most cases, only a little tweaking of the page layout insures that it runs on most browsers. The next thing is regarding the design of the website. The design of your website should be such that it is easy to navigate. The online customer displays an impatience that is absent in the real world. To insure that they do not click-off, webpage layout should be such that it seduces them into staying.

When advertising a product it is always better to bundle the products or services that customer might want together. For example consider a sofa set. When purchasing a sofa set the customer might also look for sofa set covers, a matching carpet to go with it. So these all products can be advertised together to increase the transaction value. You should always provide a column of customer testimonials in your website. The reason for doing so is that when a customer visits your site and looks for some product, he or she is not sure about the quality of the product, so a customer testimonial can build the trust on customers. They should be easily visible on the webpage.

For the small or home businessman, theres nothing as conducive to selling as an auction site. Consumers come to these sites already looking for a specific product. Free traffic exchange can really prove beneficial for your business. It can drive focused traffic on your website. It is a cost-effective way of getting in touch with your consumers. A good quality offline technical support and service can really distinguish you from the other players in the market. You can offer live chat sessions as sales support. The online technical support webcopy should be extremely lucid and direct. These days the customers dont want to give any information to any website since they fear that there information might get leaked out. This could really hamper the growth of your business. To avoid this use a privacy seal for your website. This assures customers that there information wont get leaked out from the website.

The last but not the least point is that your website should be such that it gets downloaded easily and quickly. The reason is that the online customers are quite impatient and if your website doesnt get downloaded in few seconds they will immediately turn to some other website. Ezine is the latest technique in the online advertising field. In simple words these are content rich and informational online publications which are sent to various people through email. These ezines are generally free. Every Ezine deals with a particular subject. Generally ezines displays classified advertisements or can even feature advertising placements. Ezine is a very effective medium for advertisement and this has prompted companies to use it.

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