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Selecting an appropriate gift for a particular occasion is always tough, more so if it is a corporate/ business gifts uk.

This article aims to give the reader a few guidelines in selecting and sending a business gift to a colleague, a staff member, a business associate, or a client. Keep in mind that this article is not endorsing any of the products mentioned. It is up to the reader to check prices, quality and other aspects before any actual purchase.

Guidelines in Selecting a Business Gift

* Nationality: First and foremost you need to be aware of the traditional customs of the recipients country. For example, you may consider yellow flowers as a symbol of friendship. However, it would be completely wrong to send these to a your Mexican business associate they signify death in Mexico.

* Religion: Like the cultural customs of the recipient, you must also consider his or her religious beliefs. For example, not all individuals celebrate Christmas. Hence, it would be inappropriate to send a card stating Merry Christmas. It would be better to send a general card that states Seasons Greetings.

* Health: If you decide to send a food item as a business gift, be aware of the recipients basic medical details. For example, during the Diwali festival celebrated by Indian communities, it is the tradition to gift a box of sweets (known as mithai). If you are aware that an Indian employee on your team is diabetic, it would be thoughtful to gift sugar-free mithai or gift something else, such as a box of diyas.

* Interests: You love gardening and are happy to receive a plant as a gift. However, you hobby should not be deemed to be of the same interest for someone else. Keep the interest of the recipient in mind. If you are unsure, ask someone in the know.

Guidelines for Sending a Business Gift

* The Recipient: Keep in mind the gender of the recipient. Then consider if he or she is someone with whom you are on close friendly terms and, not, for example just a co-worker. Also, if you are an employee receiving a gift from your boss, you are not expected to give a return gift, but at least

a note of thanks. If, on the other hand, you are the boss and your employee presents you with a gift, you are expected to reciprocate in some way. For example, if all your staff members business gifts uk you something on your birthday, you could take them out for a short lunch.

* The Occasion: You dont need to give a business gift only during the festive season. Anytime of the year will do! For example, if the sales of your product picks up due to an excellent advertisement campaign, you could immediately send a small commemorative plaque to the PR firm that handled your campaign as a mark of appreciation.

* The Gift: Always buy the best quality be it a food product, just a pen, or a bottle of champagne.

* The Personal Touch: To reach out to the recipient in a warm way, include a personal message with the gift. It will be much appreciated and help to strengthen the relationship in a positive way. Remember to keep the words on a professional basis. Do not make it too personal. AND do not use offensive words.

* The Presentation: Make sure you use very good quality wrapping paper and it is properly packed. Cheap quality paper will merely give it a tacky look and make you look cheap. Many firms offer gifts wrapped at no extra cost, while some may charge a nominal extra charge.

* The Package: Double check that you have not goofed up on spelling the recipients name and address. Also, ensure that there are no price tags attached to the business gifts uk.

* The Delivery: If you are planning to send a gift via courier, be aware of any extra charges you may have to pay. For example, sending a gift to an overseas client will incur some tax. Find out if the recipient needs to pay any customs duty or other charge on receipt of the gift. Similarly, you need to check the laws concerning sending wine as a gift.

Sending a Business Gift in UK

Cultural experts state that, in Britain, it is not considered a tradition to give business gifts. Generally, a business deal is the only occasion when a gift is considered appropriate. On such an occasion, the best gift is just a gold or silver-plated product with a few brief words engraved on it. It need not be very expensive, but must be inoffensive and tasteful. One way of saying Thank You is to gift a book or a small bunch of flowers. It is also considered appropriate to celebrate or show appreciation with an outing to the theatre or simply dine out with the recipients. If you are visiting someones residence for a meal, you can gift a bottle of champagne. If you are going to stay over, you could take along a traditional item that reflects you own culture. Whatever the scenario, make sure you do not forget a warm personal note of thanks to your hosts.

Some Ideas for Business Gifts

* A Commemorative Plaque


* A Book

* A Pen

* A Personalized Bottle of Champagne

* A Presentation Wine Box with Wine Accessories

* A Box of Chocolates

* A Floral Gift

Send flowers in UK or have them delivered internationally

* Business Gifts For Women

(1) View samples of personal organizers, zipped portfolios, pens, and

(2) If the lady recipient loves plants, View some unusual ones

So what are you waiting for business gifts uk a Gift Today!

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