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Masters degree business

Education is almost as old as civilization. Along with business they form the oldest vocations in the history of man. Over the age business and trade which is now referred to as commerce has developed into a multifarious activity. Commerce and trade have been considerably refined now and there has been a need to have a separate branch of education to study this field. This separate branch has put commerce and trade and all allied matters under the head of a separate subject often referred to as Management.


Over the years the study of business and its allied fields have generated degree and post graduate courses that have given a fillip to commerce and trade. Presently despite the economic slowdown of the last 2 years the study of business and commerce has been on the increase. In fact as things stand it is the preferred course of study for most students who want to carve a niche for themselves in the field of business and a career.


The study of business and commerce has led to degree called The Master of business Administration (MBA). MBA in its expanded form denotes r masters of business Administration, and is a post graduate degree in the business field. This course beckons a wide array of scholars and students from a host of other disciples like arts and sciences and even engineering. As with most things the United States was the first country to launch this course of study.


This started in the late 19th century when America was forging ahead in the industrial sphere. The degree in its present form and format was first awarded outside the United States by the University of Western Ontario in Canada. Subsequently the entire world followed the lead of the United States and management faculties were set up all over the Globe. The benefit of doing this degree is immense. Students who have studied this course are very well equipped to facilitate a better appreciation of all activities connected with industry.


The importance of this degree cannot be underestimated, as it forms the basis of business process. Hence there is a need to insure that the degree has a common minimum standard. Both in application and curriculum. Thus there are many accreditation bodies that have been set up. The primary role of such agencies is to lay down minimum standards and ensure that the schools awarding the MBA degree are competent and their graduates will fit into the business cycle. The MBA degree has almost become a mantra for success and aspiring students aspire to do this course. This course now comes with a number of specializations in Human resources, man management, industrial relations Finance etc. Many Institutes offer these courses all over the world with the United States the Leader. Famous institutes like Wharton, Cornell and Harvard have a name in the field of management education. The courses have also further digressed to full time and partime, Correspondence as well as on line. There is also the executive MBA and the MBA for business owners. These are the further refinements of the business management courses.


The MBA degree has now become universal and is the hallmark of higher education in all countries of the world. Each of the universities offer varied branches of specializations in this disciple. These include business management, human resources, Security aspects, Finance, marketing and a host of other subjects.


The MBA degree is regarded as a post graduate degree and is generally offered to graduates of any subject. Thus to take part in a management degree program a gradation is essential. To keep the standard of the degree or Institute an entrance rest is usually to be taken. This could form a quick comprehension test as well as a knowledge test. Generally a student must attain a minimum grade to join the course. Top universities like Harvard set very high standards for entrants. Genrally the course is of 2 years or 4 semesters duration. But Fast track course in two semesters are not uncommon for working executives. An MBA degree is much sought after because people who have this degree are a class in themselves.


It also greatly benefits the relevant industry who hires a trained MBA. It is not uncommon for a student to bag an appointment in the final semester as companies do come to the college for placement seminars just before the end of course. Thus is referred to as campus placement' and top university graduates are much sought after. Thus a degree from the United States has added value and students all over the world aspire to come to the USA.Some of the fundamentals that involve MBA concerns development of expertise of the participants in a number of fields. Firstly it greatly adds to your knowledge of the various fields of business. This course equips you to handle myriad functions of the intricacies of business and its related concepts successfully. The skills of a participant are honed to help him adapt and solve intricate problems associated with the chosen field by him. You learn about business strategies and concepts, not just on paper, but the training and internship required.Secondly an MBA degree imparts qualities expected of a leader. It's no wonder that Military schools also lay stress on management qualities and as well as impart MBA' degree education as well. The USA armed forces in particular also give study leave to their cadre to attend courses in management.


Lastly one cannot ignore the fact that course fees for MBA degree s are quite high and one must be prepared to shell out a large sum of money to the institute to attend MBA courses. But scholarship and grants from government can help tide over this problem


The Financial crisis of 20072009 has now raised new challenges and questions regarding the MBA degree. The down side has shown that people with MBA degree can cope better in the present environment of recession.


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