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Free small business web hosting

Ever imagined, what impression would it leave by printing your web site address on your business Card or your business envelope? How fruitful will that be in gaining your new clientage and above most retaining your existing ones? Need for a small business web site is inevitable for business growth, as cut throat competition makes the survival tough. Traditional business es face immense competition within their business environment, as the manufacturing and service industry is growing much faster than the consumer want and demands. Internet opens up a huge potential market for varied business es, effective online marketing increases your customer base globally; excellent logistics makes it possible to deliver goods and service in far reaching areas in a matter of time.


Weather running an old business or starting a new one, Getting global is a need of time or at least getting a web site is must for stable growth of business. small business es with well researched products and services can grow big in less time duration as internet is the fastest mode available for marketing and spreading company information. Use of internet and online business tools is very important for small business es; even the governments in G8 countries are stressing on setting up initiatives for small business es to adopt internet commerce.


Every business owner is concerned about the earnings, but what about the expenses?


Web hosting expenses are considerably high and they require major share of your initial profits. The real facts are somewhat different from this internet myth. If your web site need is static i.e. just content display or providing information, your web hosting charges can be slashed down considerably or can be absolutely free.


Internet giant yahoo in 2005 added a new feature in its web site free web hosting for small business \' which is listed under local category.


Other web sites that provide free hosting with domain name are geocities and MSN that offer free site with auto-builder, and many site building tools are listed on these web sites.


But major restrictions with free web hosting are limitations of size, content and designing tools. New beginners can use templates and wizards for the web site construction for their small and medium business es.


The best alternative for this problem is use of any web site making tool such as Microsoft Office Front Page, Live Office Silver Live. These software applications do not need much of a professional training and will create simple yet Designer interface for the business web site. Creating web site in these applications is as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation in MS Office tool. You may even add Photographs, Videos, animations and Sounds. The only complication is that these applications are not free. But Open Office provides a solution. Open Office is absolutely free and a similar application would do the Job.


The only thing now needed for free web hosting is a Domain Name. Get it registered on any of the domain name registration web sites, don\'t bother about the platform, they are for heavy sites and upload your created web site via any free hosting service.


Update your sites frequently; not updating your site will again be as bad as not having a web site at all. You may also append visitor counter which are again available on miscellaneous web sites free of cost, to keep track of visitors.


The Next most vital step after having a web site is getting it listed on search engines and business directories like yellow Pages. This is most important step and choose your options carefully else your site will get incorrect positioning and you would be drift away from targeted visitors. These services are mostly free but don\'t mind if you have to pay for some as they are crucial in locating your web site to a perfect stranger.


Try to advertise on some social networking Local web sites, can usually be done without spending a Dime. This is usually done by cross linking i.e., using exchange links with other web sites. But try to avoid too much of cross linking as it\'ll make your web site an advertising magazine and your purpose will be lost.


Having a web site made free is supposedly a better idea for a small and medium business where little savings count and competition is a challenge.


As your business venture takes a major leap, and profits start pouring in a little fast, don\'t just sit back and take them for granted. Internet offers a fast platform for growth of any kind of business, but it takes a lot more to make a small business earning stable. A free web site does not have the potential as it lacks modern tools, which become mandatory as the site picks up traffic and new products and services are added. To meet the growing needs of a small business, a fully equipped web site with enhanced space and bandwidth is required to provide quick interface to the person looking for content and related product information. All this is simply not possible with a free web site, so major upgrades are required to your existing free web site or you can build a new web site and power pack it with attractive and informative catalogues, new launches and the most important, you must enable e-commerce tools. Adding a shopping cart and taking a merchant account to accept payments through credit cards will drastically raise the incoming orders.


One should not worry about the one-time costs involved in building a small business web site with the help of professionals as when compared with the marketing and advertising costs attached with traditional business es, these are negligible.


Real potential of web -based business es is still understated. But, when you look around, many small business es which started off with tiny investments like computer system, a small office and an internet connection are well renowned companies today that employ top cream among professionals.


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