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In our century whenever we think of starting a new business which might be either on a small or a large scale the first thought that strikes our minds is how we will market our particular products and services. One idea that immediately strikes our minds is the use of internet and its varied allied services. So for promoting a small scale business we need to construct a small business website on the net with all the details regarding products and its end users. Since the business being promoted is small, all care should be taken to bring down promotional costs to the minimum. A website is a medium used online to promote a business and has the inherent ability to highlight various traits and features to maximum number of individuals anywhere in the world. This is the most cost effective process and involves initial installation costs and subsequent yearly membership fees and that too if an enterprise enrolls as a member of a particular group of business catering website s. Thus placing a small business website on the web will result in maximum viewing and also save larger costs then if the business had to be manually promoted.


Financial aspect:


To start any small or large business a large investment is required set-up capital for the business. One needs to develop a number of products and perform various expensive marketing and advertising functions. Thus there is always a requirement for various mediums that cut high costs involved in the marketing of a product or service. Therefore starting a small business website becomes very important as internet these days provides the best and reasonable medium to promote a particular business and its products. The major expenses involved are; the initial cost of developing a website and the expenses incurred to use the internet hours of various internet service providers. These costs are far less when we sum up the expenses incurred for marketing the business products manually or by means of print and electronic media. Thus, promoting a business by developing a small business website focusing on catalogue sales is a financially sound idea.


website construction steps:


(a)Compilation of relevant data:


A small business website construction requires the collection of all the available information and relevant data regarding various business aspects and can be summed up in the following points


1. Relevant information of the business and its management structure


2. Distinguishing features with respect to competition


3. Inventory status of finished products and active services


4. Scope of growth


5. Addresses of retail outlets available


6. The benefits in hand for clients


7. Pricing along with the product range comparison


8. Types of the after sales services


9. The business working hours


10. Information regarding order placement


All the above mentioned aspects have to be highlighted on the various website by using separate web pages and headings for every aspect. A detailed data giving all the relevant information on all the above mentioned aspects is very essential. Use of pictorial information of the various business outlets and products etc. should be used along with the theoretical information under various pages and headings. A separate photo catalogue web page can also be created if the business requirement is such that a picture depiction is a must. For example, to promote tourism business enterprise a separate pictures page is very essential as it will highlight the various locales and facilities available.


(b) Proper placement of website:


Data regarding various aspects of the small business website should be properly edited and placed on various web pages starting with an introductory page on the company\'s history and achievements. Services of an expert who has knowledge regarding setting up of a website can be availed. For this the company has to pay some installation charges, but it will ensure that the website is properly placed on the web with the least of mistakes and in the right manner. To get a proper response from the website it should be linked with similar website s to get relevant visits. Your website link should be placed on web pages of other companies on traffic sharing basis. This will ensure that your new website get views when someone looking for similar information clicks the link of your site, which is placed through submission on other related sites. For example a consumer durable product website has better chances of getting viewed if it is submitted at a site which caters to website s of other consumer durable products. Thus placing your website at the best location is most important as it gets you relevant clicks, which could convert to sales.


(c) Having knowledge about internet related aspects:


Before developing a small business website one needs to accumulate information regarding the use of gadgets and programs involved for the use of internet. One should get verse with computer applications and internet features such as email, blogs, messengers as these will help respond to consumer queries. As in this net dominated environment most individuals use the web to get updates of latest products and services available, they also use this medium to book orders for particular products and services. Therefore, a person who is well verse with receiving and replying to various queries on the net can fulfill the online business requirements. Proper product delivery time and day should be reported to the client in advance via an email reply. Thus for using small business website to achieve the desired business results a proper knowledge of internet related aspects is necessary.


Promoting your business website through print media particular niches is an apt option for targeting where the need exists. Such niches can be identified by market research techniques. website should be submitted on various search engines in order to get maximum visitors.


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