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Business training seminar

Nowadays due to the increase in the number of business enterprises, there is cut-throat competition between all the big and small business enterprises and firms. There is a constant urge of every enterprise to get a berth with the top ranking firms in the business world. The leading firms in turn are faced with the most difficult part of maintaining their top positions as competitor firms are constantly trying to take over their top slots. Therefore to regain their top positions, the firms have to follow a constant path of innovative steps; one of them being constant interactive sessions between the personnel of various departments by organizing various business training seminars after fixed intervals that might be in weekly, fortnightly or monthly pattern. These interactive business training seminars try to cover all the major aspects that are most essential for any enterprise.


Some of major aspects highlighted in these seminars are-


1. The working pattern in various departments


2. Steps needed to remain competitive


3. Providing best customer care services


4. To maintain customer satisfaction


5. To have a satisfied work force


6. To work in a target oriented environment


7. To have the best employee selection procedures


8. To get proper feedback


9. To have the best in class product ranges and finally the need to have the top ranking managerial personnel.


About business training seminars:


The various business training seminars have to be conducted in a systematic manner so as to achieve the best possible results. Generally for organizing these seminars, top business experts having vast knowledge and experience in the business field and highly experienced individuals from the Human Resource Department are invited so that these seminars are conducted in a practical manner to achieve the best results. These individuals work as mentors in the seminars. Employees of all the concerned departments are invited. There is a fixed time for starting of a seminar, giving time outs and ending a particular seminar respectively. Notepads copies pens etc. are provided to each participant for making rough notes of the various proceedings going on in the seminars. Grouping is also done within all the participants and everyone has to work in coordination. Some business training seminars even have point system for the competing groups. The major points of discussion include all points right from the production to the sale of the product and the after sale services. At each and every step proper feedback is taken from the participants regarding various points of discussion.


Details regarding some important business aspects:


Now to fully explain the functioning of business training seminars and their impact on business development we can put some more light on the major discussions undertaken during these seminars. For the proper growth and development of an organization the functioning of each and every department should be to work for achieving the organizational goals and objectives. The heads of the various departments like marketing, human resources, production, research etc. should be given informative knowledge in the business training seminars about the need to work as a single unit to achieve desired results. These business seminars should stress the need to introduce newer and better products at the earliest without any compromise on quality and to be ahead of competition always. The product pricing should be done in such a manner so as to meet the requirements of the target customers. There should be serious stress to provide the best customer care services from the very first contact as customer satisfaction is the most essential need for any business enterprise. A satisfied customer by word of mouth fetches more clients for an enterprise. On the other hand an unsatisfied customer can even break away a company\\'s existing clients. These business training seminars should highlight the need to have a competitive and satisfied work force. No organization can flourish until and unless the needs of the work force which forms the direct link between the company and the customers are fulfilled. The work force includes the individuals of the marketing, finance, sales and all the people working in each and every department of the business organization.


Other Requirement w.r.t. business training seminars:


From the very beginning, the business training seminars should stress on the need of working in a target oriented environment as every business enterprise is bound to achieve the required targets to get to the desired results. The business training seminars should highlight the need to designate experienced people from the HRD department for the recruiting the right individuals for the right posts. This will ensure that the respective departments get the best manpower which is very essential for growth. Also the newly recruited people should be given a proper knowledge of the various methods and means used for organizational growth.


One important aspect that is very essential is getting the customers feedback after every purchase. The feedback given by the client will give the business enterprise an idea about the positive and negative impact the purchaser has had. Thus steps can be taken in future to ward off the shortcomings in future. The need of having the best product range has to be clearly highlighted to the research and production department respectively in the business training seminars. A good product range will ensure the product enjoys longer market duration. One of the major factors that need to be considered in business training seminars is the recruitment of top ranking managerial personnel.


These individuals form the backbone of all business enterprises as they are vested with numerous tasks some of which are-


1. Keeping their work force satisfied and motivated


2. Recruiting new people, to deal with organizational disputes.


3. To take care of the financial matters, to achieve the desired sale targets and lot more.


Thus if the above mentioned aspects are properly implemented during various business training seminars and subsequently in the business enterprises, it will make them more effective which in turn will lead to the overall organizational growth.


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