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Business mobile phone uk

Smartphone, a phone that gives you the opportunity to surf internet, post your blogs and be in contact with family and friends by accessing the social networking sites like face book twitter, all by your mobile phone. Also, you can make and save a number of pictures, videos and document files.


Earlier, the targeting of these phone s were restricted only to the business class as these were highly priced and applications like MS Office, e-books and networking were considered a little high-end for the day-to-day use. Even now, one-third of the UK population thinks that these applications are no more than a gimmick' and describe them as a tool to show-off.


With the increasingly handy mobility and shrinking of world into a global village, this mindset is fast changing. Today, the same features offer a lucrative option for students and youngsters.


It does not mean that these hi-tech devices are targeting all market segments. Still, one major segment, SME, has a scope of further expansion. Till now, it has been largely overlooked by the manufacturers.


As the demand of business mobiles keep on growing, companies are competing with each other in the Smartphone segment by offering easy-to-use interfaces with the extra compatibility with a range of softwares.


WebOS is one of such feature, which is a basically a platform based on Linux and developed by Palm. It is a graphic-user interface designed for touchscreen mobiles. Firms are also coming up with a variety of free or paid applications to make phone s more interactive and people more accessible.


Similarly, iPassConnect is a mobility application, used to make your phone Wi-Fi enabled. With it, you can use internet connectivity at any Wi-Fi hotspot.


The trend has been started after the success of application stores for iphone s and iPods. On applications, people are spending more money than the market price of the phone to customize their handsets. In a study, easily available on Internet, it has been noted that Apple customers have downloaded 1.8 billion programs in a little more than a year. It also indicates towards the trend of the hardware sales ; though, the trend is still in its nascent stages.


According to the, "New vogue is kicking off what is refers to as an appster' generation."


This success story has not passed unnoticed from the rival companies. Soon after, companies like Nokia, Google, Microsoft, Sony and RIM have stepped into the battlefield.


Recently, with all the customized application and accessibility, the stress is now on the security aspect. The fear of loss of data from mobile phones and few successful attempts towards it have become a headache for the manufacturers. With this, a large number of security companies have come into play. The encryption of data in the smartphone s is such that if they are lost you can detect the location of the phone through an online application present on most of the website of manufacturer. With another feature available in most of them, the user can delete the data stored in it from a remote location.


Companies are spending an extra buck to make their product safer and hence, to give it an extra edge over others. Referring to an incident, the press release from the office of UK 's information commissioner reads, "UPS, the parcel service and global transportation and logistics business, has taken remedial action, including the encryption of all its UK laptops and smartphone devices, following a breach of the Data Protection Act last year.


Still, according to the market survey, the lesser expensive handsets are more likely to be the choice of the users.


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