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Business class travel

Work related traveling experience is no more the same as it used to be earlier. Today people strongly believe in the saying "Time is Money". In a world of opportunities where people are going haywire earning money and making the most of their time, it is obvious that no one wants to waste time traveling long distances. As technologically world is advancing life is becoming easier and opportunities seem to be ever increasing.


With upcoming of so many private airlines, people are opting for traveling through planes as it saves their precious time and also they are rendered customer centric services. Aviation industry today is growing fast and the kind of services rendered by private airlines is never the same. Nowadays people not only travel through planes to save time, they also seek excellent services which are completely customer oriented. In the economy class of airlines services rendered are more or less the same, but differences can be seen when it comes to business class. In a business class of any airline the customer is given personalized attention and services rendered to him are very different to a passenger in the economy class.


In India, all airlines do not proffer business class travel. Several have removed this type of service in support of just providing economy and First Class, particularly on short- and medium- tow flights. Flights to any destination outside India mostly have business class for the passengers. Business class is often called Executive Class' or more often Upper Class'. The fares of the business class are considerably higher than that of an economy class. Business class seats give more room for comfort of the passenger. In some flights the seats can recline fully for complete comfort. The kind of meals and drinks given to a passenger is far more exotic than a regular economy class. The alcoholic drinks served in this class are admiring and the choices for meals are also extensive. As far as amusement is concerned the facilities are greatly enhanced and the interior of this coach is beautifully done.


Due to the personalized attention given by the crew members and world class services business men and high designated officials prefer traveling in the business class. Even if the charges are more than the economy class, the reasons for this are completely justified.


With the growth of the aviation industry, and upcoming of many private airlines the services rendered to the customer are going to be improvised further leaving no reason why a customer won't travel by planes. If the services in the economy class are going to improve we can well imagine the level of services rendered to the business class. The word Traveling' will no more be associated with exertion and discomfort but will be synonymous with comfort' and ultimate luxury'.


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