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Register of business names

Business name is a title which is used as a legal entity while trading. A business name is important when the business structure is based on sole trading or partnership. The name should be registered within a certain territory where the business will be operating. There is no need for a business name in case the business is under the name of your partner.


If you want to set the business in different states, then a name should be registered in all the states separately. Registering the business name will not offer proprietary rights by itself. In such cases, there is a need to have a trademark which will help in offering the protection. It should be ensured that the name is exclusive and can be registered in the future as a trademark of the company. Searching in the national name index can help you to check whether your proposed name is clashing with an already existing name.


The registration of the name should be done in a state. Having a name for the business is important and can help you in the future. It is considered as a legal requirement and is not left for choice. Registering of names can be done except in cases of sole proprietorship where the legal name of the owner will be used. In order to register the name, one should fill up the business registration forms and pay a fee. Registering a name for business corporations is a more complex process.


One should prepare incorporation application, cover letter and pays the fees. There is a different between federal and the provincial incorporation. If the business is run under the legal name of the owner, then one cannot add anything like Inc, Co or & Partners into the name. If there is some addition to the name, then it has to be registered even if it is a sole proprietorship. The registration should be done for companies which run on partnership, cooperative or corporations. Having the name registered can help you greatly in all legal proceedings. It is always advisable to register the name even for sole proprietorships.


While registering the name, one can even check the trade mark database to ensure that your name is not an already existing trademark. If you want to change your name into a trademark after some years, then this should be checked. No two businesses can have the same trademark and hence this should not be overlooked. The name has to be renewed after every three years and if not then the name will again be available to other business organizations. Now one has the option of registering the name on the internet.


This makes the whole process easy as well as fast. The legal obligations may be different among territories and states and this should be checked before registering the name. Getting the name registered in the start can be useful as it helps you to keep the name and even sell it for good profit later on. Having a registered name will help in giving the business an identity and a place in the minds of the consumers.


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