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Bankruptcy Minnesota

Bankruptcy court in the united states

There are many bankruptcy courts in the United States. Each state of the U.S has its own bankruptcy district court. The jurisdiction of each of these courts has been defined so that there is no overlapping in the areas of jurisdiction of these bankruptcy district courts.

It is to be noted here that the laws of bankruptcy that are applicable in the different states of the U.S are essentially the same as they are made at the federal level. All the state bankruptcy courts of the United States have their own recruitment programs, own judges and the other machinery required for the proper working of these state bankruptcy courts. The number of cases that is dealt by each of these bankruptcy courts is also different. Thus, the district or the state bankruptcy courts can be assumed as an individual functionary that obeys the federal laws pertaining to the bankruptcy.

The various courts in the Minnesota district bankruptcy court deal all the cases of bankruptcy in Minnesota in the United States. Let us discuss more about in the next part of our discussion.

Bankruptcy courts in Minnesota

Any person or the company that wishes to file an application for the bankruptcy has to file an application in the bankruptcy court in the district of Minnesota. Apart from the bankruptcy court at the district level, there is also other division of this court in other places at Minnesota. The district bankruptcy court in Minnesota is situated at 301, U.S Courthouse, 300 S.4th Street, Minneapolis MN 55415. Any person or the company can easily contact this bankruptcy court for filing an application for the bankruptcy. If a person wishes to contact this court over telephone, he can contact it at 1-612-664-5200. The VCIS numbers of the Minnesota district bankruptcy court are the 612-664-5302 and 800-959-9002. The latter is a toll free number. Also, there are other offices of this court at which a person living in Minnesota can easily file an application for the bankruptcy. These are:

Duluth Division: This office is located at 416 U.S Courthouse, 515 W. 1st Street, Duluth MN 55802. The telephone number of this office is 1-218-720-5253.

Fergus Falls Division: This office of the District Minnesota Bankruptcy court is located at 205 U.S Courthouse, 118 South Mill Street, Fergus Falls, MN 56537. The contact number of this office is 1-218-739-4671.

St. Paul Division: This office can be contacted at 200 Federal Building 316 North Robert Street, St. Paul, MN 55101. The contact number of this office is 1-612-290-3184.

There are also exemptions for a person who wishes to go for bankruptcy living in Minnesota with regards to the various things he can keep. Thus, a debtor in Minnesota can easily claim exemption for his homestead as well as certain other personal properties. Thus, there is no attachment or any

judgment applicable to such properties in Minnesota. The homestead is constituted by the living place of a person along with the surrounding of that area. There is a limit to this up to which the homestead is exempt. It is $200,000 in Minnesota. Apart from this, a person can continue using the various household items like the washing machine, refrigerator etc. So, there is exemption in all these in Minnesota. Also, the various exemptions in the subsection (d) of the section 522 of the Bankruptcy Act, United States Code, title 11, section 522(d) is also available to the persons living in Minnesota.

The application for the bankruptcy can be filed under the same chapters as is applicable in the rest of the United States. These chapters are the Chapter 7 and the Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Law.

The bankruptcy counseling and education in Minnesota:

There is sufficient bankruptcy counseling and the education available in Minnesota and a person can easily contact any of the various counseling agencies. One of such agencies that require our mention is the LSS Financial Counseling Services. The Executive Office of the United States Trustee has approved this counseling agency. It is also known as the EOUST. The counseling that is being provided by this agency is the pre-filing Bankruptcy. Apart from this, this agency also educates the person about the Pre-discharge Bankruptcy in Minnesota. The counseling for bankruptcy is required within 180 days before the filing of the application for the bankruptcy protection. The counseling as well as the certificates are easily available online or over the phone from this counseling agency. It is also important to note here that this counseling is not available for free and a fee of $75 per appointment is to be paid to the counseling agency. The fee is waived only if the attorney of the person who wants to be counseled is filing without any charge or if the main source of the income is the disability income. Certificates are required for these two if a person whishes that the fee is to be waived.

As far as the education for the pre-discharge bankruptcy is concerned, it is to be noted that the LSS is also the approved provider of the above-mentioned education for the various persons living in Minnesota. A person should remember that the education is required after filing the application for the bankruptcy and before the discharge of the bankruptcy case. The certificates can be easily obtained online or over the phone. As per the bankruptcy law in Minnesota, if a person, who is filing for the pre-discharge bankruptcy, is married and his or her spouse is also filing the same, bout are required to complete the education. The fee for this education is $35 per person. The waiver in the fee is available on the same grounds, as it is available in the above case.

The LSS Financial Counseling Services is competent to issue the above-mentioned certificates as per the Bankruptcy Code of the United States.

So, there is ample help available in Minnesota

Thus, if any person wishes to file for bankruptcy in Minnesota, there is the Minnesota district Court as well as its various other offices that a person can easily contact. The counseling and the education are also easily available in Minnesota and a person can easily approach the various agencies that provide counseling. One such agency, LSS, has been discussed above.

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