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With the increase in demand for various types of funding there is a large mushrooming of money lending sources. These sources have greatly affected each and every person along with associated businesses. Such is the impact of these lending institutes that the common man finds himself engulfed in a whole lot of choices. Thus it becomes very difficult to distinguish between good and the Best Mortgage Lenders in the present scenario. Since all the Lenders these days are well equipped with abundant resources and benefits, to search the Best out of these is an up hill task. A lender will be adjudged the Best if it helps the customer to avail its services in the Best possible manner. The Mortgage deal should be transparent and should highlight all the advantages and limitations associated with it. It should be mentioned in clear terms that the loan receiver might loose his property to the concerned bank or institution if he is unable to repay the required loan amount at the right time. In normal bank financing, only the land documents needs to be handed over to the loaning institute. In a Mortgage deal the land to be loaned is first transferred or registered in the name of the financing institution, then the loan is disbursed. Thus a search for Best Mortgage Lenders becomes very cumbersome.


Types of Mortgage Lenders and formalities:


Various agricultural development banks offer different financing schemes to people of the agricultural sector. These banks have complete staff recruited to lend various loans. The major requirements of these banks are the latest land documents from a designated revenue officer. A copy of latest value certificate of a particular land sold in that area is also attached. After filling a form of the various land portions that are to be Mortgage d the borrower is send to the revenue office of the area. Here a registered deal takes place in which the loaned land is Mortgage d in the name of the bank or institution offering the loan. Loan amounts are disbursed on the basis of the latest market value of the land. The above deal is a Mortgage deal and is known as Mortgage lending. Another type of Mortgage Lenders are land Mortgage banks. As the name suggests these banks Mortgage properties and in particular agricultural land and lend loans according to the calculated value of a particular land. The rates of these banks are very nominal as they relate to the farming sector. Also there are many private banks which Mortgage land for dispersing loans. Generally the banks of the rural sector are chiefly involved in Mortgage lending. Also many other public sector banks lend money after mortgaging land. These banks are guided in their interest rates by a national level bank so their rates are stable. Thus these banks and many others form a few of the Best Mortgage Lenders.


Why go for Mortgage lending?


Most of the Mortgage Lenders are operational in the rural and semi urban areas. These are areas where the people have limited resources and incomes so they are always in the need of money to carry out their development works. Thus these people require lending for setting up their houses, cowsheds and for marriages etc. Therefore they are in search for Best Mortgage Lenders who can give them a loaning facility at very nominal rates. Thus the requirement to fulfill ones daily life chores leads a person into getting Mortgage lending. Nowadays even smaller land holdings have become very valuable assets as they enjoy higher market value. Thus lending amounts are much higher and this is another reason why people go for Mortgage lending. Thus Mortgage lending becomes important as even an unused portion of land has some value and can fetch good funding.


Advantages and disadvantages:


1. Advantages:


Nowadays getting the Best Mortgage lending has become a necessity for each and every individual to fulfill their day to day requirements. If a person wants to start a particular project on a particular portion of land the only means to get the initial starting funds are the various mortgaging agencies. As Mortgage Lenders impart funding to respective clients as per their requirements and land values they become important initial helpers for any business to begin. Land being Mortgage d might lie vacant if such value loaning is not available. This kind of funding gives value to a particular portion of land and increases its market value with every investment made. A business can only be started if proper funding is available at the right time. Thus getting a portion Mortgage d will help achieve the required output very much in advance and at the right time. The Mortgage Lenders are the only agency available with rural clients and thus are very advantageous in providing relevant funds. Another advantage in the agricultural sector is that loan interest rates are on the lower side and the Mortgage rs are not that strict with the installment part except in exceptional cases.


2. Disadvantages:


A major negative of the Mortgage Lenders are that a person even before he avails a loan has to Mortgage his or her land in the name of the mortgaging company. Thus a land stands in the loaning company name right from stage one of loaning. Thus in any case of non payment of loan installments the right on the land is automatically gone. Thus chances of loosing ones land might crop up in some cases which is always a disadvantage. The Mortgage Lenders are in an advantageous position as to avail their funded amount they can confiscate a particular Mortgage d land in the open market. Thus in this respect the mortgaging is disadvantageous for the land owner. Also added interest is charged for every default in an installment which is a disadvantage.


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