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Auto dealership a lucrative business

Global Auto market is expanding vastly. Now every countrys GDP depends on its auto market share. As we are fastly moving towards 21st century people are becoming more and more busy and opting for a luxurious lifestyle. So automatically with all these things auto market will certainly come into picture. People worldwide are buying more and more cars & other vehicles.

Auto dealerships is a term used for those persons or organizations which are involved in buying, selling, remodeling of new and old cars, its spare parts, accessories etc in one word a whole world of automobile. It also includes automobile insurance, automobile finance schemes with minimum down payment and attractive EMI. So an auto dealer has to house all the above said things under one roof for the convenience of customers.

Those who want to make a career slightly different from general line can opt for auto dealership business. This is a very lucrative and challenging stream . Dealers need to have a sprawling space of some thousands of square feets in a prime location in which he needs to set up his establishment. The primary thing is the selection of location, which should be easily accessible from all corners of the city. After the location is finalized he should make a scientific blue print or the layout of the showroom. Although if there is some extra cost added to it he should go for it and easy bank loans are available with low interest rates for setting up of showroom. Then the second important thing which comes into consideration is for which automobile brand he is willing to take the dealership. Here lies another important point, different automobile companies has different criteria for their dealers so considering the company brand he has to model or remodel his showroom. Financial support can also be obtained from the automobile company for their franchisee as they have in their franchisee rules.

People become more and more exigent about the goods they purchase, the services they use, and the advertisings they read, see or listen to, so being an Auto dealerships wont help, you have to be the best dealer with a transparent see through policy.

Being an automobile dealer you can also get many opportunities and offers the use of demo cars and many other lucrative financial support to the dealers. But there are some rules and regulations which one must follow. Automobile dealerships often provide

demonstration vehicles (demos) to dealership salespersons and other employees. In order to exclude the value of the salesperson's demo from his or her income, significant record keeping by the salesperson and dealership is required.

Cars might be loved. Cars might be appreciated. Cars might be just vehicles. Cars might be a hobby. Cars might be even the objects of collecting.

Purchasing a car, people normally spend a lot of time on its search. They compare, choose, consult with experts, and change their mind again and again. You should build the site, which functionality will persuade the visitors that there is no other variant for them except buying a car at your dealership. Do I make myself clear. Only your variant. I will underline: don't make your Auto dealerships another needle in a haystack. If you want it to bring profit, bring in maximum efforts and creativity to it.

It might not be necessary to go for a four wheelers dealership there is good opportunity in two

wheeler business also, beside the four wheelers two wheeler market is also expanding vastly as it is becoming much more trendier having a Harley Davidson or Yamaha ultimate machine.

Where as four wheeler dealers can opt for BMW, Nissan, Suzuki and other good brands.

Now being an automobile dealer you should look at the advertisement side of your business beside the company advertisement one should put an attractive advertisement of his own showroom. Beside giving good advertisement in posters, pamplets, through sales boys & girls one must also look for modern way of giving advertisements in television and creating a user friendly website which is easy to navigate through.

I am talking now about those general principles, which are important for any kind of consumers. The experience, gained from our customers' testimonials and log files analysis of their sites, show that the following components are essential for online dealership:

* Make the surfing through your site as easy as possible, the navigation should be felt, not guessed.

* Organize your sections and subsections in a convenient way, don't make the customer look for it.

* Add a powerful search option to the site.

* Automate your selling process to a convenient extent; make the payment procedure as comprehensive as possible;

* Upload the photo of your beloved iron masterpieces (the more pictures of vehicles you have, the better);

* Don't neglect the interface; make it comprehensive;

* Don't forget about the voting and Tell-a-Friend options;

* Add an unexpected element to your site; for example, change the templates. Say according to the season, weather, holidays, etc;

* Subscription on your news is crucial too; of course, on condition that your news is worth paying attention to.

Beside all these things a dealer should be very much friendly to its customers providing all the necessary information they want. Some customers will be doubtful in many aspects so one should have great patience and take extra pain to clarify them. Front office management is another important aspect, so well conversant sales boys and girls are to be employed to manage the customers. After sales management should be good too with a spacious service centre with experienced Auto dealerships engineers and technicians. Afterall you will grow with the growing number of customers so customer satisfaction is the utmost thing.

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