21st century car insurance

A trail blazer appeared in the horizon of Insurance in the year 1958 as a one man brigade, to become one of the largest insurance providers of the country-region US. This formidable 2500 strong successful insurance company today has a clientele of 1.5 million vehicles nationwide.

The auto insurance scene was intimidating with a lot of confusions. 21st century, having understood the predicament of the consumers, has taken the trouble to make the process simple and hassle free. They provide their services through phone or on the internet, all days of the week and any time of the day and all the 365 days of the year. Their licensed professionals are always available attend to the queries of the customers. They patiently listen to all the queries and take the time to explain various aspects of the insurance policies and find the best deal for the consumer. Their customer service is available in both English and Spanish, and through their bilingual.

This direct to consumer service is the reason behind the renewals of 90 per cent of their current policies every year. The company has built its reputation solely on their efforts to make the process of car insurance painless for the consumer. This insurance holding company is listed in the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol TW. The company also pioneers in volunteering for charities among the communities around them. Being an Insurance company their prime emphasis is on safety. They launched a California Highway Patrol for promoting child seat as a safety measure for all the car owners. The two have prepared a free guide book explaining how to install a child safety seat. They also conducted community events in several other areas as a drive to inspect and repair or replace car seats for vehicles free of charge as a tribute to their founder?s philanthropic tradition.

Facts about 21st Century car insurance

There are certain issues the auto insurance company never discusses when selling the car insurance. It is therefore up to the individual to know the complete and correct facts before buying car insurance. Consumers should be aware that the type of vehicle and the way he makes payments for his insurance, his credit history and such other details are used by the car insurance companies to determine the premium rates for his car insurance. These are facts which should be borne in mind when buying the car as well as at the time of getting insurance cover for it.

Consider the following carefully:

The online auto insurance company does not insure the articles or private belongings kept in the car at the time of accident. Similarly damaged or stolen objects too do not count for auto insurance cover. In some countries the claim itself will be on a lowered insurance value. The value of vehicles involved in accident diminish drastically than those vehicles of the same brand and model without an accident record, irrespective of how good the repairs done are.

Insurance companies always raise the value of the insurance premiums by about 40 per cent for vehicles that have met with a first accident. This is the industry standard followed by almost all car insurance companies. The likelihood of raised premiums is more if the car has subsequent accidents.

A private study on the top 100 insurance companies indicates that 92 per cent of insurance companies use the information about the credit worthiness of the individual to arrive at a ?insurance risk score.? This score is used to determine the actual insurance rate that the company offers the car insurance buyer. The logic behind this exercise is that there is a strong connection between the coverage risk score and the fact that the likelihood of the individual to file a claim to be a certainty.

Most of the insurance companies mention in the car insurance policy that the insurer can cancel his insurance by informing them in writing the date of cancellation. But in reality the insurance company will invariably send a bill for the next month?s payment which would severely affect the credit record of the individual if he does not pay. Every information regarding payments to insurance companies are reported to the credit rating agencies. It creates a blemish on the credit history of the individual which tries to avoid by agreeing to make the monthly payment eventually.

If the car meets with an accident when a friend was driving, the owner has to file the claim from his insurance company. In these cases there are certain deductibles from the insurance coverage, which the individual has to bear. Added to this, the insurance rates would be further raised as a result of this conduct. Splitting the payment of car insurance is sure to boost the overall bill amount. The online premiums when allowed to be made in installments carry charges or commission for the splitting privilege. The installments may be monthly, quarterly or once in 6 months and the rates vary according to the choice of the buyer. It is advisable to pay the premium for the whole year so that the unnecessary extra charges can be saved.

The auto insurance companies have a monthly payment rating system depending on the type of car being insured. This information is gathered from the Insurance Service Office specifically for this purpose and it largely makes a difference to the insurance premium calculation. Therefore these facts should be kept in mind when choosing the car insurance. The insurance providers keep these secrets from the insurers.

Ways to get lower premium rates through the 21st Century car insurance

The individual can follow a few good steps to buy vehicle insurance with lower rates. Obeying the speed limit and maintaining a good repair record by having proper replacements and avoiding traffic tickets are some ways to prevent high insurance costs. If the car is involved in less number of thefts or accidents the insurance is less expensive. The other factors are driving history, mileage done, the individual ?s payment history and the number of cars owned by him and the like. These factors can boost the car insurance rates if they indicate high risk tendencies.

21st Century car insurance is a perfect guide to anyone new to car insurance. Going through this web site can help him choose the right low cost and suitable insurance cover.

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